Subj: Wildlife: Bad Bunny Bill, SB 1434, Kills Birds and Other Living Things
Date: 5/16/2004 11:29:25 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: Jon V3
To: Jon V3
Dear Wildlife Supporters:

As a response to my earlier email today, several people have replied back to me expressing alarm that poisoned bunnies might be eaten by raptors, thereby poisoning the raptors. Consider including this ramification in your letters and phone calls to the State Senators opposing SB 1434, which will be heard in the State Senate tomorrow.


Jan Vandersloot
(949) 548-6326

Here is SB 1434: SB 1434 Rabbits

Here are phone numbers for the State Senate: Roster

Here is a sample email:

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Subject Line: Please Oppose SB 1434, Kills Bunnies, Birds, and Other Animals

Body of Email:

Dear State Senators:

Please oppose and Vote No on SB 1434, Ackerman, the bad bunny bill that will not only kill Audubon Cottontail Rabbits by painful internal chemical poisoning, but will also harm and kill raptor birds such as hawks that might feed on a dying bunny, and other predators such as the coyote that might be able to catch a sick bunny.

Wildlife in Orange County has a hard enough time in population-exploding Orange County without deliberate poisoning of the poor bunny rabbits. SB 1434 has the potential to cause chemical poisoning to work its way up the food chain and harm our bird population as well as any other predator such as a coyotes.

SB 1434 is a bad bill all the way around, and I hope you will help defeat it.

Thank you.