Subj: what are we gonna do about the office of President?
Date: 4/17/2004 11:28:43 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From: Srthurlow

Dear Gary,

It is sad that this question is being posed at a time which makes it to late for many things. To late for someone to run who has integrity etc, but these are qualities that you do not find in most politicians. If the politicians had a sense of integrity, honor and what was best for "its people," we the Veterans would not be seeking the abolishment of the FERES Doctrine.

The ironic thing is--it is all of these veterans and their families who have felt the pain of loss, gross negligence and criminal abuses--NOT (many of) THE POLITICIANS. The VETERANS and current soldiers are the ones WHO KEPT/KEEP THIS LAND FREE SO THAT POLITICIANS COULD RUN FOR OFFICE. The question then arises to the government--what have you done for us lately? Does NOTHING ring a bell?

Soldiers are dying/have died and there are those that are maimed permanently (phsyically and mentally) for what? I thought for FREEDOM, but there is no freedom for those who fought and their own government does not take care of them. It now becomes a "personal war" for survival that rapes and pillages the souls of the men and women who fought for our freedoms.

You want to know what the best stratgey is? Get on board and ABOLISH the FERES doctrine--THAT will bring about some ACCOUNTABILITY factors for those in the government and those in the military who ABUSE their power and position. Start in our own backyard. Let Americans know what is REALLY going on and in one FELL swoop ANYTHING can change.

The problem is--the government does not want its people to know about the FERES issue. There are enough people affected by this that if YOU and others put the FERES Doctrine and what it is about out to the public--they will answer and even if not in time to change Presidents, but to hold the President to ACCOUNTIBILTY through impeachment or what ever means is necessary.

This is one mom who lost her son through GROSS and CRIMINAL negligence. This child of mine who went to serve so all of the politicians can hold their high paying positions and gave his life--DIED AT THE HANDS OF HIS OWN PEOPLE. PEOPLE who thrive on position and power and DO NOT give a care about the soldier they are responsible for. Please go to and then click on links and then click on FRESSPRESS-Justin Haase. You tell me that this is ok that our children are dying this way! This is ONLY ONE death and story.

You asked for an answer to solve this. I JUST GAVE YOU A WAY TO START--the question I ask now is WILL YOU or is this like every Senator and House Representative that I talked to-- all HOT AIR?

"You cannot walk any other way than by putting ONE foot in front of the other." Will you be one of those feet?

I thank you for your time in this matter. Please know there are ways. Look in the past--the GREAT men and women are the ones who fought the fight for that which is right.

Renee Thurlow
PR Coordinator/VERPA
Founder/Justin Haase Foundation