Subj: Vietnam Picture and poetry Tour // Realm of Poetry & golden oldies
Date: 4/13/2004 1:49:58 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: "Gary Jacobson" <>

Dear brother-in-arms...

I have enjoyed the "Support the Vets" website, and viewing your writings...

Let me introduce myself: My name is Gary Jacobson, now of Malad, Idaho. I served with B Co 2nd/7th 1st Air Cavalry '66 - '67, as a combat infantryman. We called ourselves "Grunts," operating out of LZ Betty near beautiful downtown Phan Thiet, Vietnam. Mine was the same unit as depicted in the movie, "We Were Soldiers," only one year later. Vietnam changed us all indelibly and forever. I'm now on 100% disability rating with an extra hole in my head, covered by a 3X4 inch plate, shrapnel the size of a quarter imbedded three inches into my brain...this all compliments of a trip wire booby trap that triggered a grenade, that in turn detonated an artillery round...and in the process completely ruined my whole April of '67. My unit went on to the A Shau Valley after I left so unexpectedly, and many of my buddies fought in the A Shau valley...a hell of a place they called AhShit valley, then up to Khe Sahn to relieve beleaguered Marines up there on the DMZ during the rockets of Tet...a place not a single member of my platoon escaped from without being either killed or wounded. But I missed all that fun, dang it all!

A Vietnamese legend says, "'All poets are full of silver threads that rise inside them as the moon grows large.' So, when I write, it is because these silver threads are words, that are poking at me, and I must let them out." ...Gary Jacobson

My silver threads begin with my "Vietnam Picture Tour," telling the story of my "walk in the park" grunts called Vietnam, with the 1st Air Cavalry on combat patrol. Experience chilling reality to leave the sweet and sour taste of "the Nam" pungent on your tongue, the smell of "the Nam" acrid in your nostrils, and textures of "the Nam" imbedded in you as though you walked beside me in combat. I hope you will share this with other vets, and those who need to know...

My online novel, "A Walk in the Park, One Soldier's Vietnam," can be found at: It is a a true story that lets you know up front and personal what it would be like to sit beside me in a foxhole, with men only a few feet away preoccupied and dedicated with every fiber of being to your dying. It would really make their day to reunite you with the dust from which you came...

My Poignant poems index, each with more combat action Pictures, artwork, and stirring music, each portraying an aspect of life in the Vietnam war I felt embedded on my soul, on the average American boy...

My greatest motivating desire in writing is to promote a better understanding about the realities of war in those that have not the foggiest idea of what war is really all about, given through pictures and verse from one who walked the walk and can talk the talk. My writing is cathartic to me, for writing helps me heal...and I've received word that it has a healing effect for many thousands of my brothers-in-arms, their families and loved ones, bringing up memories of a place that was the birthplace of our manhood, twisting and turning our ideals in ways that have sadly stayed with us forever. I also wish to honor fallen brothers. Writing helps me heal Nam's traumatic stress demons, bringing them out in the open from where they have been buried deep for over three decades, to where I can more easily deal with them. Vietnam is the root of many unanswered questions that still tug at me today, coinciding with current events of today that will not let past horrors die.

I write because this current generation is of prime concern to me, with its apathy and fears of terrorism and hatreds and intolerance's. Yet how are they to know of life unless we who have walked the valley of the shadow of war and death tell them of a history that too often repeats itself? It's repeating itself now in Iraq... I have had many teachers write to tell me that their students, "Just don't know!" about Vietnam...that is why I write!

How deeply war experiences affect veterans from war's conflict, depends on how much blood he got on his hands, in direct proportion to how much of the blood was his enemies, his buddies, or his own. Gary Jacobson

The history I try to depict among the horrors of war, is the need for peace, and brotherly love shared among all peoples of the world. I am not a pacifist, for I fought and almost died for my country, but I do believe strongly in the brotherhood of man, abolishing all hatred and war. I believe in peace, though there are men who would not let you have it, hating you just because you the 9/11 terrorists, who showed hatreds and intolerance that mere words cannot alleviate. I believe there are madmen in this world who good men must step to the fore to stop, routing them out by whatever means it takes...force if necessary.

"Learn what the warriors learned, for indeed, it is warriors who have first hand seen the evil and devastation of hatred, who first hand know the values of peace, love, compassion and harmony among men." ...Gary Jacobson

All the people of the world continually need to understand how important an event war is. War will always be a determining factor of not only who we are, but will determine our very futures, as well as whole generations surrounding us. War dictates the futures of wives and children, fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, lovers, friends... War changes everything, as it indelibly changes us who fight its battles, as each soldier's circle of influence is irreparably damaged. I sincerely hope we will not doom our children to fight senseless battles as did we, shackling them to similar fates suffered by their fathers in the latest in a series of "war-to-end-all-wars!" If we do not learn the history of war and its terrible implications, learning there is no glory in war...only death, sheer destruction of values and misery, then we are doomed to repeat it! And the next war will inexorably come! Sometimes there are madmen in this world, war a necessary evil that good men must stand to fight...sometimes not...sometimes our discernment is weak...sometimes we spill our blood senselessly in Vietnam! Sometimes there's Iraq! My fervent wish is that we will come to understand the horrors of war, that we can work for peace evermore, making war-no-more!

My poetry is of my memories of that time when,


"A Combat Soldier's Prayer," featured by the American Legion.

"My Thousand Yard Stare,"


I have since written a special poem, a prayer, for those now in harm's way in Iraq:

"Prayer for the Warriors,"

"i?m no hero,"
"Soldiers Of The Wall,"

"Feel their spirits lingering in the wind,"

"Agent orange," and "Feral Stalking Night,"

"The Sound Of Guns,"

"Song Of Napalm,"

"Just Before The Battle Mother,"

"Just Marchin? Through The Nam,"

"Somewhere Out there,"

"A Shau Ripcord,"

"Rockets Of Tet,"

"LZ Snoopy And The Red Baron,"

"Airborne, Hill 875,"

"Dawn Patrol,"

"Once We Were Young,"

"How Can I Keep From Singing,"

"War?s Carousel," and "War And Peace,"

"It Don?t Mean Nuthin?,"

"A Mother Lost Her Son To War,"

"Just Before The Battle Mother,"

Special tributes to 9/11:

"Terrorism," and "A New Awareness,"

"We The People,"

"Roll Up Your Sleeves,"

Many think I am too serious, but my site, "Realm of Poetry" predates my Vietnam writings. It deals with poems from the heart, of love and romance, spirituality and meditation, an Angel's Message, Golden Oldies, comedy, Quests of the regal knight Richard Lionheart to the crusades and seeking the Holy Grail, dueling dragons, frolicking fairies...tributes to my dear mother, including a treatise on that profane Alzheimer's disease which took her sweet life...and also links to my site when I rode that foul and bestial ogre called war...

Poetry Of Love ~~~

"Tender Love In Dreams Doth come,"

"Moon River,"

"Before The Next Teardrop Falls,"

"If Tomorrow Never Comes,"

"Kissed By A Rose,"

"Love?s good Vibrations,"


"An Affair to Remember,"

"I?ll Love You Forever,"

"For No One,"

"Sometimes I Cry,"

"True Love Blooms, When A Man Loves A Woman,"

"First Kiss,"

"Your Kiss," and "Some Say Love..."

"Golden Oldies Tour,"

"Drive In,"

And about two hundred more on my website. It's so hard to pick, for my poems are my children you please treat them kindly. I would appreciate it if you would pass my site on to our veterans, and those others that need to know...


Gary Jacobson