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New Message on veterans for unification

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Good for you Corpsman ! This station is great ! For you folks not listening....... You are missing out on some good things !


I have established a program guide and have geared up to do the job that I set out to do; namely, to get the word out about the Washington Status Quo and the ever present danger of losing our Constitutional Rights for the sake of pronounced security. I bought this radio station for you and it will always be for you to listen to and to participate in the broadcasting of its programs.

If you have a special event you want to put on the air use a tape recorder and record it like a reporter would. Interview the participants and get your particular area news on the air. Send the tape to me through the U.S. Mail and I'll put it on the air. If you want your group to have a monthly program then let me know and tape the show and send me the tape.

Remember, I bought this station for you, not just me, not just the veterans in Veterans for Unification or Chicago-land. It is your station, just don't cuss a lot ! Back up your claims with facts and don't just rant and rave. This is our tool to get the message out across this country and to the uniformed services here and abroad, including Iraq and Afghanistan. The other day I receive an E-mail from Iraq from a private contractor, a former Marine who got the station on-line in Iraq. We have media power, now lets learn to use it.!

When you go to the station page sign-up to be a listener (VIP or not)and download the appropriate player to your system. Click on the yellow speaker to sign up for free, there is a charge to be a VIP Member Listener. Vote for the station and the tracks as you please. Let the LIVE365 RADIO Network know that we have the best station on their network server and they should feature it as such.

Any issue that has to do with veterans or uniformed personnel must be recorded and sent my way. Wouldn't you just love to know that your Congressman heard your opinion on our radio station. For that matter call your Congressman and arrange for an interview and SEND it to me and we will broadcast it to the world. LET FREEDOM BE HEARD!

I need your support to make the effort worthwhile, for you see we will never be a group united, our opinions and interest in issues are all different and too diverse, but we can be united over the airways so that our opinions do not go unheard! I hope that you will take part in this adventure with me, but if you are too shy to make a program, then show your support by listening to what gets on the air from WAVBSR, VETERANS RADIO.


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