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January 11, 2004

Dear Veterans, Family and Friends,

On January 4, 2004 we sent a similar letter to all those who signed VERPA's on line petition and gave their e-mail addresses. We appreciate your support and together we can and will abolish the Feres Doctrine. Right now, we have finally achieved what many have doubted could be done. To establish one central point of contact in the Senate who sits and awaits to see how many Americans will make contact to request Senate Judiciary hearings to abolish the Feres Doctrine.

Enough calls and cases were heard by Senator Specter's office last week that they are now willing to work with All Veterans regarding the Feres Issue. They are logging every call that comes in and have asked for more calls as well as letters, that will be presented to the Senator on January 20, 2004.

Please help us help you, by making one very important phone call this week, to Senator Arlen Specter at (202) 224-4254, ask for the Front Desk and let them know that you are calling to support the VERPA Act Feres Doctrine Bill. Please also call your own State Representatives... you can get their names and number at and put in your zip code.

If you would like to submit your case in writing, please send it to Senator Specter, 711 Hart Senate Office Building, Washington, DC 20510-3802 and mail a copy to VERPA to ensure your case gets to the hearings when the time comes.

Please let the Senator's office know that you and the number of family members you speak on behalf of wish for Senator Specter to commence follow-up hearings on the Feres Doctrine to abolish the Feres Doctrine via introducing the VERPA Act.

His office is working with VERPA to convince Senator Specter the time is now to introduce the VERPA Act to end the 54 years of injury or injustice under the Feres Doctrine. Your call will show your support of this bill and will reinforce the need for Senator Specter to act now. The key is to contact his office and if you can, please also contact all members of the Judiciary committee listed on our website.

Also, please review our newly updated website at and forward this message to Veterans you know, as well as to your own family and friends. Our website explains who we are, why, and what we are doing to abolish Feres. Specifically, on our "About US" page are specific questions which a "yes" answer on any one of the questions will make you see we must achieve this now and as a team!

Any questions or comments.. please send them to me at

Thank you again for your support of VERPA. We are here to help YOU and to stop further abuses allowed by the Feres Doctrine.


Barb Cragnotti
VERPA Legislative Coordinator