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Here is the latest and greatest info on VA benefits. Hope this can help someone and pass it on please.



VA BENEFITS PAMPHLET - AVAILABILITY. The most current VA Publication that is assessable to each of you is the VA Pamphlet 80-04-1 (Federal Benefits for Veterans and Dependents). After checking with our VA POC it was learned that there were a limited number printed. Distribution was made to all their VA field offices. The pamphlet can be ordered through US Government Information (bookstore), Superintendent of Documents, PO Box 371954, Pittsburgh, PA 15250-7954; toll-free (866) 512-1800; or thru email at www.bookstore.gpo.gov. The cost is $7 per pamphlet. The pamphlet is also available on-line FREE on the VA home page, www.va.gov. On the left side of the page, see "Today's VA". Click on Public Affairs to get the next page. Click on Fact Sheets and go down the list until you come to Federal Benefits for Veterans and Dependents." Recommend you attempt to obtain a copy from your VA representative and/or print it out for your use.