Sent: Wednesday, June 23, 2004 5:30 PM
Subject: Treason, Again?

Mr. Joe Conason
The Observer

Hello Joe,

I just read your article on the 9-11 Commission and VP Cheney's persistence re the Iraq/al Qaeda connection.

The following URL contains once top secret National Security Council documents declassified by the State Department in 2000, much to the chagrin of the CIA. Now we know why.

The documents show proof of treason on the part of the Intelligence Community who blatantly disregarded presidential directives issued during National Security Council meetings during wartime.

I do believe there is a nexus between what the current Intelligence Community passed as credible intelligence up the chain of command justifying the preemptive strike on Iraq, and the previous acts of treason on the part of the Intelligence Community.

For thirty five years CIA has maintained they had no responsibility or knowledge of certain missions and now, after an FOIA request for specific information on the issues of concern, the Agency now responds that this very information is still classified. That is progress!

I believe it unlawful to maintain any classification of treasonous acts simply to cover the crime. Sources and methods don't apply when the President's orders are egregiously disobeyed. This mutinous action on the part of the Intelligence Community, CIA, State Department and Joint Chiefs of Staff, created havoc and disaster with ramifications that last to this very day.

It is happening again...

The latest post in the URL below contains a link to unknownnews. This will provide a suggested sequence for viewing of the documents in question and the allied paperwork that proves the point.

Let me know what you conclude and if you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask.

Fortunately, there is no statute of limitations on treason or conspiracy to obstruct justice in a capital murder case.

Best regards,

John McCarthy
Chairman of The Board of VERPA
Veterans Equal Rights Protection Advocacy
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Los Angeles, CA 90066
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