Fwd: Treachery and Treason Part II


Once Top Secret documents have been declassified by The State Department, much to the chagrin of the CIA. Now we know why.

Presidential Directives were issued during a National Security Council meeting ordering the CIA, State Department and the Joint Chief's of Staff to cease and desist all support for Khmer Serie operations for the overthrow of the Cambodian Government and the Assassination of then Prince, now King Norodom Sihanouk.

The Intelligence Community ignored the President resulting in disastrous consequences.

Documents of the National Security Council can be viewed at the following URL in the Archives Section June and July 2003.


When the synopsis in the following site is compared with the above NSC documents the acts of treason leap out at the reader. The synopsis was written in 1998. The NSC documents date 1965-66-67, but were only declassified in 2000 and are available on the Internet, originally from the LBJ Library. When LBJ was notified of these treasonous acts in March, 1968, he announced he would not seek nor accept his parties nomination for reelection as President of The United States.


The following sites fill in the blanks.


Letters in 21 and 22 above to Senators Kyl and Shelby and AG Ashcroft remain unanswered. Ashcroft recused himself from the Wilson/Plame Affair AFTER receiving his letters.

Compare the treasonous acts by the CIA and State Department in 1966 during war time with the treasonous acts by the Intelligence Community in the fabrication of WMD evidence presented to Congress (and the UN) seeking war powers act for the preemptive strike on Iraq. Then add the growing evidence of inaction and prior knowledge of the 9/11 "sneak attack" on the WTC and I do believe we have a trifecta.

There is but one recourse.

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