"The New Definition of No Child Left Behind, Draft Them"

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Please pass this information to interested parties.

Indeed, the onus has now shifted to the Congress and away from the President....smooth move, yes?

Now comes the task in earnest of providing those Draft eligible 18-34 men and women (boys and girls) with the information on the reality of The Feres Doctrine.


Feres is described in depth on this site. There is a proposal to abolish Feres sitting on the desk, gathering dust, of Senator Arlen Specter of the Senate Judiciary Committee. The language of this document has been approved by the Committee. An "S" number, which allows the proposal to be passed to both houses of Congress for a vote, has not been assigned. Stonewalling continues.

Veterans Equal Rights Protection Advocacy, VERPA, has a Press Release also located on site. This PR outlines VERPA's agenda to go before the United Nations, UN, and the Organization of American States, OAS, for a vote on the Human Rights violations inherent with the Feres Doctrine. VERPA has exhausted all legal remedies to abolish Feres and, as a last resort, has taken this action. The United States is a signatory to the OAS. The United States is not a signatory to the International Crime Commission, The Hague, otherwise we would be before that body as well.

Feres, which precludes any service member from seeking redress for ANY CRIME INCIDENT TO SERVICE, and thereby eradicates the First Amendment to the Constitution, goes into effect the instant an individual takes the oath of enlistment/commission. Those soon to be Drafted must be advised that no one can force them to take the oath of enlistment which nullifies the very Constitution they are being asked to protect and defend. Ironically, none of those soon to be inducted are notified of Feres or its repercussions. Is there not something very wrong with this picture?

Refusal to take the oath of enlistment/commission is not a crime. Because neither Congress, the President nor the Selective Service cannot amend the Constitution, those being asked to report for induction must report but cannot be forced to arbitrarily forfeit their First Amendment Rights. Checkmate.

That should stop the Draft in its tracks.

The task is to spread the word on Feres to as many student organizations throughout the country, since they are the ones Draft eligible.

John McCarthy
President and Chairman of The Board of VERPA
310 397 1143 In Los Angeles