Subj: STOP THE WAIVER: Donna Frye, pollution report
Date: 11/15/2004 3:31:55 AM Eastern Standard Time
From: doug korthof <>
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1. Steve Lopez on the sewage scandal in San Diego, and Donna Frye who may help clean it up.
2. Article you will not see in USA papers: Bush administration suppresses pollution link to disease.

1. A surprisingly accurate article by Steve Lopez on Donna Frye, write-in candidate trying to clean up the mess in
San Diego. Since Orange County gave up its sewage waiver, S.D. now has the WORST, the MOST, the biggest load of fecal solids dumped on our COAST. Frye is attempting to replace the arguably corrupt, inept, facile and sham
Mayor Murphy, who ran on a ticket of cleaning up the beaches, but then forgot about it once in power.

Lopez points out that Frye can hardly do WORSE than the apparently incompetent current cast of stepfordized
freakizoids. "San Diego has been run by developers and the building industry for so many years" is one apt quote.

Inspired by Skip Frye's contact with what may have been a virulent case of "surfers' disease" caused by fecal
virus, Donna Frye penetrated the bogus arguments about how sewage is "good for the Ocean" (but dumped so far
out that it's not a problem for beach quality!). San Diego is listed as pumping 169M gallons of primary sewage a day, but that probably ignores the impact of the South Bay Ocean Outfall (S.D. needs federal help to deal with that). Bruce Resnick is quoted as saying S.D. has "...a long way to go", which we know is true because Pt. Loma does not have the space for secondary treatment.

Lopez: "City officials have long resisted upgrading the treatment facility, believing it's better to have residents and tourists swim in dung than pay to process the very asset that draws them in the first place...".

If Lopez only knew how true that is. As we saw in the case of O.C., it is PERFECTLY LEGAL to allow fecal solids to infiltrate bathing beaches, so long as the bacteria is dead. No testing is done for virus viability. Hence, even now, bathers are inundated with fecal solids and scores of pollutants from sewage that slip through even tertiary treatment plants. S.D., thanks to the arguably corrupt ex-Gov. Davis, still has license to dump 15,000 TONS of fecal loads into the Ocean each year. There are not enough fecal worms left alive to deal with all that crap.

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2. Endocrine disruptors are among the worst things to slip past sewage "treatment", and, as cruises demonstrate, plastic residue of all sorts is becoming ubiquitous throughout the Pacific Ocean and its creatures.

The truth, unlikely to be printed in Ohio, Florida or any other place stupid enough to put Bush back into power, shows the obvious fact that pollution is linked to disease. There are more than a dozen oil refineries ringing L.A. to windward, and guess who breathes all that poison gas into their lungs when the vents are opened around 2 A.M. Then there is diesel particulates, from trucks, trains and vessels clogging L.A. harbor.

CARB, run by Chair Alan Lloyd, failure-prone state agency that killed electric cars, has responsibility for "mobile sources"; diesels must be put under AQMD, slightly more responsible.
"US study links more than 200 diseases to pollution
"By Geoffrey Lean, Environment Editor 14 November 2004
"Pollution has been linked to about 200 different diseases, ranging from cerebral palsy to testicular atrophy, as well as more than 37 kinds of cancer, startling US research shows....
"The European Commission has been trying to ... provide safety information on the 30,000 most common chemicals, but this measure has been watered down because of pressure from the Bush administration...Colin owell...complains
that the measures "would be significantly more burdensome to industry and government" and...succeeded in weakening the measure."