Some powerful links from Captain May, and Captain McCarthy The Plot Thickens, as in Soup!

From: Eric May <>
Sent: Sun, 7 Aug 2005 09:14:19 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: Re: The Plot Thickens, as in Soup (& PS to Frieda Berryhill)

Yup, Captain McCarthy, I think this may have been one of the things the FBI kept pestering me about in July, before Ghost Troop 9112B (, which contains the other two emails of July 1, 2005 that contributed to my 9112B analysis and the ensuing Ghost Troop mission. I'm sure our friends in the original email will be happy to know what kind of charming fruit comes from the tree of liberty and the fraternity of officers -- as we show in our emails below.

Best regards, and many thanks,
Captain Eric H. May, MI, USA
CO, Ghost Troop, 3/7 Cybercav+
Mission of Conscience / Patriots in Action

Eric May <> wrote:
I hope, Captain McCarthy, that time will bear out your hunch. Happy July 4th to all!

Yours, Captain May

PS 2 Ms. Berryhill: Dr. Peter W. Guenther, my beloved mentor and former Wehrmacht captain (Russian front, inter alia, 1939-1945), died recently. His sagacity in culture (he was an art history professor at the University of Houston) and his experience of WWII were invaluable stimulants to my development of the thesis that "the post-911 reality" is nothing more or less than the Fourth Reich implemented for the Third World War. Since I know you share his experience and my thesis, I knew you would want to hear the sad news from my German friend. If you would like to read the kind of correspondence I shared with the professor, my favorite letter is at wrote:

Impeachment or Coup? Could this possibly be why ALL the 750 troops at Ft. Bragg sat on their hands?