Veterans Equal Rights Protection Advocacy, Inc.
P.O. Box 8225, Medford, OR 97504-0225
"Veterans & Families For Equal Justice Under Law"
Inc. December 1999
Chairman: John McCarthy (CA) * Founder/Executive Director: Jeffrey A. Trueman (PA)
Legislative Coordinator: Barbara Cragnotti (OR) * VA Abuse Coordinator: Susan Bauer (IL)
Human Rights Coordinator: Jan M. Beimdiek (MN) * Legal Coordinator: Misha Coale (VA)
Gulf War S/I Coordinator: Robert J. Jones (NC) * PR Coordinator: Renee Thurlow (MI)
National Security Coordinator: Mark Zeller (GA)


Dear Rusty:

I just reviewed five of the board members' responses with regard to your willingness to come on board with regard to the Human Rights Coordinator position. The vote is 5-0 and all welcome you and your family! Robert Zeller and Susan Bauer have yet to respond, however, I am most confident they will agree with the rest of the board, so "Welcome Aboard!"

We are at the most critical phase of this long battle to expose and abolish the Feres Doctrine. What is happening as of today, both Barb and I spoke with Senator Specter's legal counsel, Juria Jones. Next week, all evidence in the official record in the wake of the October 8, 2002, Senate Judiciary hearings on the Feres Doctrine will be presented personally to Specter. It is our understanding that Juria has a staff of eight in her office doing legal and other research on the subject matter.

We will now, begin to forward you information to keep you up to speed on what is going on with the pending legislation so you will be informed and can provide any comments or suggestions in what you believe needs to be achieved to get the hearings going.

Obviously, timing is everything and with the pending elections and military conscription the timing to expose the wrongs of the past, to institute reforms for the future is now. I have an 18 year old daughter and 13 year old son who will not be used as most of us feel about our kids. They did this to us under Feres ... no more. I know you have a son and daughter, so hopefully this pending draft bill does not impact them, but, if so ... we have even more reason to fight the Feres issue.

We truly believe, because of the mountain of evidence we collected since we incorporated over the past four years, and the fact that we are the "experts" per se in how to fix our systems once the Feres Doctrine is abolished, we will achieve a great victory for all military, veterans and families to ensure we who defend the nation and Constitution, are provided equal justice thereunder to petition our government for redress of grievances arising from the wrongful acts and omissions of federal employees in both the DoD and VA.

With regard to the on-line letterhead, (if it shows up in color from your end), if you wish to send out a letter on VERPA's letterhead, just run it by one person on the team for review. We learned in the past, this is the best policy and only if you feel it could be contriversial. Otherwise, passing on info or making contact for the first time, we like to send it out so they see who we are. As for hard copy letterhead, will send you a copy when I get back to Philly as an attachment. We truly keep things simple, if you can believe that fighting 54 years of abuses, but we try. There is no micromanging with us ... we will prevail together or go down together.

As you can see, we believe crimes against American service members, veterans and families is the greatest act of betrayal of trust. So, we are being watched and hit them hard with facts and truth so if they ever get the couarge to issue us Congressional subpeaneas, we will be ready for them!

We are truly grassroots and average Americans so we are not that fansay to say the least. However, what we say and mean we stand by for the good of our Country and its military, veterans and families. Of course, right now the "Military and Veterans Equal Rights Protection Act" has credibility in Congress and we achieve this mission ... we bring accountability to those who are suppose to serve US. No more contempt towards US by the likes of people like the Kissingers et cited below.

Thank you Rusty for coming on board with US!


"Military men are dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns for foreign policy."
Henry Kissinger statement to Bob Woodward of the Washington Post
"The Final Days (1976)