"Response from Rusty to Renee Thurlow"

Subj: I Feel Your Pain, It almost happend to me during my tour in Vietnam
Date: 12/14/2003 8:25:35 PM Eastern Standard Time
To: Srthurlow

Renee Thurlow,
I will be a character witness when Verpa has the legislative meetings in DC. Please look at my website www.vfvs.com Voice for Veterans Services is a site I use to communicate with while trying to make important changes in how our military deals with soldiers who needs medical care. I have also inspired Sponsored Legislation (H.R.1917) from Congressman Bob Filner of the Veterans Affairs Committee http://www.house.gov/filner/ As he is truly a Congressman who will listen to your concerns. I encourage you to talk with him as soon as possible. I have linked up www.verpa.org To my website as we both have the same agenda with the FERES ACT. Abolish it!

Look in Story Documents of my website and you will understand what almost happened to me December 2, 1969, while in a Training Accident at Fort Hood, Texas I was Crushed inside a Tank while the main gun was lowered in on top of me with 55,000 pounds of pressure hitting my neck and causing serious spinal cord injuries. I was rushed to Darnell Army Hospital where I spent 2 weeks in cervical traction and suddenly released from medical care to go Report to RVN and go to Vietnam and fight for our Country in this condition. I was from a hospital bed and I felt like a political prisoner during this time as I was put on a War Plane with a Medic and an MP only 20 years old automatically with no care and no future because of Neglect causing Medical Malpractice because the U.S. Military knew that the FERES DOCTRINE would protect them from being sued.

It cost the military $50,000 to train me after drafting me and when I couldn't perform because of Medical problems they didn't feel like it was worth it to continue to pay for my care because they did not get their full investment out of my training. They knew that they only had me for 2 years and they were going to spend much more on my medical care so why not just send him to a War Zone to Die. Well, I survived and I am here to tell you about it and I have been working on Medical Malpractice Protection for Disabled Soldiers because of my own personal tragedy. That's why we come together to tell the BIG STORY because the Military has always got away with Medical Malpractice because its more of a Proity than Medical Care Promised. So I do FEEL Your Pain. I will link you up ON Voice for Veterans Services Website in Other Links and also in Story Documents as we join together to make the Military WALK The WALK. One thing in your letter you say "NO ONE CAN SUE" Officers CAN Sue also their Military Dependents can too for Medical Malpractice and Negligence EVERYONE else is Bared by the FERES DOCTRINE. So there is two levels of health care in the Military those that are Officers have ALL The CARE because they can SUE and EVERYONE Else have been treated like second class citizens that are expendable like a box of Kleenex once used thrown away. Sad Feeling when we were all promised perfect medical care that is why I let them draft me because of that promise and I had to fly to a war zone with a Broken Neck. This has been a life sentence of pain.

Again I Feel Your Pain and Together We Can and Will Do Someting About it so we can all have closure on this terrible act of Abuse to our Solders since 1952 the creation of the FERES Doctrine.

God Bless and Take Care,
(562) 592-9909