Date: 12/14/2003 5:57:34 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: Verpalegislative

Dear Family and Friends,

Please read the following letter from Renee Thurlow and then please call Senator Specter's WA DC office at (202) 224-4254 and tell his Judiciary Committee that you would like him to Sponsor the VERPA Act 2003 Bill, then call your State Representatives ( and tell them the same thing.

Please forward this to all of your Family and Friends too!

Thank you.
Barb Cragnotti
VERPA Legislative Coordinator

Dear Military people and non military people,

What you are about to read is one of the most important things you can do for yourself, your family and any future person who is to ever join the military. I will try to keep this short, but must explain somethings first so you know this is not a farce.

My name is Renee Thurlow. My husband is in the military and in Oct. 2001 our son joined the USMC. Our son never finished. He died a horrible death in boot camp on Dec. 23 01. One that could have been prevented seven times.

We are NOT placing blame on the institution. We need a strong military. We need one with honorable people in it. That is why we are trying to make it a safer place.
Through these last two years we have found that many military people and people in general are under the misconception of being able to sue the government and not being able to sue the government.

I am going to pass on what we have learned. There are thousands of others out there like us who have lost children going to serve this country and the government gives us no help. They fill everything full of lies and cover ups. We are not taking this sitting down. I am not some freaked out mother who cannot deal with the loss of her son. I am a PROUD mother and wife of two of my guys who serve/served this country
like you do.

This could happen to you or one day if your child or grand child goes off into the military it could happen to them. The government will NOT help you.


If you go to a military hospital and they cut off the wrong foot. Oh well tough is what you will be told basically. Many of us have been busting our humps trying to change this. We KNOW that if there was an ACCOUNTABILITY factor that there would be almost no deaths. Unfortunately the only way to hold someone accountable is through suing them.

All of us who have lost a child would rather have our children back, but that is not going to happen. Many people out there have their children living with them because they were not taken care of medically (in a proper manner) in the military hospitals and these children cannot function on their own. This could one day be you or someone you know. We have the greatest chance coming up to change this forever. WE CANNOT do it without the entire United States joining us.

ONLY the Senators can change this. Only 2 of them are interested in doing so. The others, they have their cushy jobs because of men and women who serve this country and they will not lift a finger to help protect you. We want them to recognize that fact and care enough to make things safer for those serving this country.

PLEASE go to and sign the petition to protect YOUR future. Go to your search engine and punch in FERES DOCTRINE and read how this affects you and your entire future. So you know this is legit. Go to Go into the archives for August 19 2003 (the marine who died) and read how our son died. It could happen to your child. We are in People magazine Dec 15th issue 03. Dateline is on the agenda too.

Since Justin died I know of at least 6 other deaths in boot camp alone and this does NOT include the ones who died at Camp Pendelton from Meningitis. This is obscene that these kids are dying needlessly!

This is not just for those of us who have lost kids. It concerns the VA and the people who have served and have been thrown to the side.

This is NOT a joke. PLEASE take the time to read these sites. A half hour of your time can help prevent the possibility of you or someone you love dying needlessly and you not getting any answers..

Our prayers to each and everyone of you who serve this country presently or who has lost someone while serving.

Please feel free to write to us at Please no negative mail. We are not bashing anyone or putting anyone on the chopping block. We are trying to change things for YOU, but we cannot do it alone.



Renee Thurlow