Subj: Re: Fw: Read before viewing
Date: 1/31/2004 11:30:12 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: StevenHB

Subject: Read before viewing

Let me explain the video. This is Iraqis and yes they are in a farm field. Why did we kill Iraqi farmers? The reason is the small truck to the right of the big truck contained the farmers. The Americans in the Apache helicopter followed the so called farmers from town after they had jumped out and used a grenade launcher on some Americans. They then retreated to the field to look like they were farmers, but our helicopter followed them and took care of business. You may ask why they didn't run after the first is killed, its because the Apache helicopter is 1 mile away and they never even saw it. The Apache is firing 6"long by 2" diam. incendiary bullets. Thats why they explode. This is real footage not computer generated.

apachesruletheirworld.mpg (video is approx. 4.64 mb)

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