Dear Nam Nguyen,

Those who tortured the Iraqi prisoners did not act on their own volition.

They acted on directions from their superiors.

Their superiors were Military Intelligence and/or CIA who ran the prison complex.

I have provided you with URL's in the past that expose the treachery and treason of the CIA and State Department but I see you refuse to make this information available to your readers. The mainstream media won't print this information. But we "bloggers" have the unique opportunity to provide the public with unfettered information. The government cannot control the Internet. This is our opportunity to speak the truth. Let's not waste it!

The history of these agencies is graphically clear. They are the ones who created the atmosphere for the War in Vietnam. That is the nexus of our problem with the preemptive war in Iraq. See: This is a free download and gives the impact of CIA operations on Vietnam. 100,000 copies of this book were removed from the book store shelves across this country. The author thought it more important to get the word out than make a profit and that is why it is available for FREE.

Once again, here are the documents which are available on the Internet.
The National Security Documents once classified Top Secret are located in the Archives section for June and July 2003. These documents were discovered in 2000 after the State Department declassified them, much to the chagrin of the CIA. Now we know why.
This synopsis was written before the documents of the National Security Council, above, were discovered.

The remaining URL's fill in the blanks.

The letters in 21 and 22 above remain unanswered. This is vital to understanding the preemptive attack on Iraq and the subsequent disastrous repercussions.

These are the same people who directed Dr. Richard Mason to fabricate expert forensic pathology testimony in a Top Secret Criminal Court Martial in Long Binh, Vietnam, on 29-30 January 1968. The guilty verdict was rendered at 7:00 PM. The TET Offensive began 25 minutes later.

Mason has testified in many murder trails since then and, as you know, is currently the Santa Cruz County Coroner. I notified the Sheriff of Santa Cruz Country last August of Mason's perjury and recantation at my trial which resulted in the appellate court overturning a premeditated murder conviction because of "newly found evidence and fraud on the court". Mason is a prostitute and still employed at $150K per year.

What is wrong with this picture?


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