Subj: Re: Fw: 4 Your Political Knowledge
Date: 9/23/2003 3:49:47 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From: StevenHB

John Kerry's War Record
> >
> >Washington Times
> >Letters to the Editor
> >December 6, 2002
> >
> >John Kerry's war record As Sen. John Kerry, Massachusetts Democrat,
> >Considers a bid for the White House, Americans should know a few things
> >about him that he might prefer go unmentioned; and I don't mean his $75
> >haircuts.
> >
> >When Mr. Kerry pontificated at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial on Veterans
> >Day, a group of veterans turned their backs on him and walked away. They
> >remembered Mr. Kerry as the anti-war activist who testified before
> Congress
> >during the war, accusing veterans of being war criminals. The dust
> jacket of
> >Mr. Kerry's pro-Hanoi book, "The New Soldier," features a photograph of
> his
> >ragged band of radicals mocking the U.S. Marine Corps Memorial, which
> >depicts the flag-raising on Iwo Jima, with an upside-down American flag.
> >
> >
> >
> >Retired Gen. George S. Patton III charged that Mr. Kerry's actions as an
> >anti-war activist had "given aid and comfort to the enemy," as had the
> >actions of Ramsey Clark and Jane Fonda. Also, Mr. Kerry lied when he
> threw
> >what he claimed were his war medals over the White House fence; he later
> >admitted they weren't his. Now they are displayed on his office wall.
> Long
> >after he changed sides in congressional hearings, Mr. Kerry lobbied for
> >renewed trade relations with Hanoi. At the same time, his cousin C.
> Stewart
> >Forbes, chief Executive for Colliers International, assisted in
> brokering a
> >$905 million deal to develop a deep-sea port at Vung Tau, Vietnam; an
> odd
> >coincidence.
> >
> >As noted in the Inside Politics column of Nov. 14 (Nation), historian
> >Douglas Brinkley is writing Mr. Kerry's biography. Hopefully, he'll
> include
> >the senator's latest ignominious feat: preventing the Vietnam Human
> Rights
> >Act (HR2833) from coming to a vote in the Senate, claiming human rights
> >would deteriorate as a result. His actions sent a clear signal to Hanoi
> that
> >Congress cares little about the human rights for which so many Americans
> >fought and died.
> >
> >
> >
> >The State Department ranked Vietnam among the 10 regimes worldwide least
> >tolerant of religious freedom. Recently, 354 churches of the
> Montagnards, a
> >Christian ethnic minority, were forcibly disbanded, and by mid-October,
> more
> >than 50 Christian pastors and elders had been arrested in Dak Lak
> province
> >alone.
> >
> >
> >
> >On Oct. 29, the secret police executed three Montagnards by lethal
> injection
> >simply for protesting religious repression. The communists are
> conducting a
> >program against the Montagnards, forcing Christians to drink a mixture
> of
> >goat's blood and alcohol and renounce Christianity. Thousands have been
> >killed or imprisoned or have just "disappeared." The Montagnards lost
> >one-half of their adult male population fighting for the United States,
> and
> >without them, there might be thousands more American names on that
> somber
> >black granite wall at the Vietnam memorial.
> >
> >As Mr. Kerry contemplates a run for the presidency, people must remember
> >that he has fought harder for Hanoi as an anti-war activist and a
> senator
> >than he did against the Vietnamese communists while serving in the Navy
> in
> >Vietnam.
> >
> >
> >Foreign Service officer and former Vietnam POW (1968 to 1973)
> >Washington