Good morning all!

Lurking in the shadows of the discussions on isolationism is the constant reminder that we have American Forces in over 106 countries around the world with no clue as to when our troops will EVER be coming home. (We spent nearly fifty years in Germany! And some would say "See, because we were there, the bad guys never attacked!)

And now to the ramifications of the DRAFT!

What is the impact of the treaty signed in 2001 between US/Canada and US/Mexico on restricting travel and a Draft Resister Deterrent?

Now, there are a number of links with truly important information in the URL above. Please take the time to peruse them and pass this information on to interested paties (all men and women between 18-34--and boys and girls soon to complete highschool and therefore eligible for the Draft)

Final question for the day------what impact on international human rights does this proposed travel restriction have in the courts of man and what is the legality of this rather blatant attempt at population control?