Not So Subtle Terror

This is a perfect example of the intelligence communities solution to current problems; Black Terror--under Covert Conditions--to create an atmosphere of unbridled hatred and blame against an element with no responsibility for the senseless murder of a woman who spoke the language, married an Iraqi, assisted tens of thousands of people who otherwise would not have survived and for what? Propaganda. This is an act reminiscent of similar atrocities undertaken during the Vietnam War for political purpose. Blame this atrocious act on innocent parties for nefarious reasons. All this despite unanimous cries from all insurgent elements in Fallujah demanding her release? This is "intelligence"? Hardly, this is but another war crime, disguised as 'terror', 'assasination' and 'war is hell'. The pattern for this type of behavior is buried in the annals of the records of those currently in power in Iraq AND the US. Is it not obvious what has happened here or do so many wish to bury their heads in the sands of ignorance, again? "My country would never do such a thing". HA!

Now it makes sense why such issues are cloaked with the classification of 'top secret', never to see the light of day, never to be 'down graded' which would allow historians to view the hypocricy of the 'intelligence community' committing crimes against humanity for the purpose of 'just win, baby' and worse.

So, where are the WMD anyway? Oh, I just remembered, the OIL is the WMD!