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HERE IS SOMETHING YOU MIGHT GIVE SOME SERIOUS CONSIDERATION TO" The National Association for Retired and Current Federal Employees reported:

Last year, the House of Representatives defeated amendments to a budget procedure bill by Reps. Jeb Hensarling (R-TX) and Mark Kirk (R-IL) that would have required cuts in entitlement programs in any year spending caps were breached. Both amendments exempted Social Security, and Kirk's version also protected Medicare, but federal and military retirement were made vulnerable to the automatic reduction process the lawmakers proposed. According to the nonpartisan Center on Budget and Public Policy, Hersarling's legislation, reintroduced earlier this year (H.R., 2290), would reduce federal retirement by un unprecedented $127 billion and cut military retirement by $74 billion, both over a 10-year period.

Last year the amendments proposed by Hensarling and Kirk were rejected. However, what is different this year is that House Majority Leader Tom DeLay (R-TX) is backing a group of his colleagues-including Hensarling and Kirk who were reportedly drafting a new budget enforcement bill that would cap entitlement spending and receive enough votes to pass the House.

Military retirees and federal service annuitants should be prepared to contact their lawmakers about budget enforcement legislation and are encouraged to keep up to date. The National Association for Retired and Current Federal Employees (NARFE) has a web site -, or by calling their toll free legislative hotline at 877-217-8324, that will provide updates on the legislation. Additionally, former career military men and women should consider using several VSO & veteran coalition capwiz programs that will assist them contact their congressional representatives. MOOA continues to provide a toll free number [1-877-762-8762] to the Capitol switchboard that can access your representatives office. [Don't let them slip this one by us - keep your eyes and ears peeled on this legislation].

Paul (Alamogordo).

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