Military Medals - Your Symbols of Service
The question has been asked, “how can I replace my own or my parent’s military medals, ribbons and other awards?”   The answer is simple.
  • To begin log into your account on at and click on the “Military Record Requests” link.
  • Complete a short form and simply mail it off to the address provided on the form.   You will then receive your medals, ribbons, available awards along with a copy of your records from the military...   It's as simple as that.
W. Walton, a member who has used our service states, “I recently got my father’s military records.   Now I can replace his service medals that were lost.   Thanks to VetFriends!” Please Note:   The instructions and required form are available to Lifetime, Platinum & Gold Members under the link “Military Record Requests”. The Records Center normally responds to requests for Separation Documents (such as DD Form 214) in ten working days or less.   However, requests that involve reconstruction efforts due to the 1973 fire or older records, which require extensive search efforts may take much longer.   You will receive a response in writing by U.S. Mail. Once the medals are received you can display them on your mantel, wear them at Veterans Day events and show your friends.   You’ll definitely be glad you sent in the form! Have a great week! Your Friends at Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, Coast Guard Connecting People, Reuniting Thousands...
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