Voice for Veterans Service

Mr. Robin J. Rustan
PO Box 668
Sunset Beach, Calif. 90742
(714) 812-6371 cell number
(562) 592-9909 office October 19th, 1999

Secretary of Defense, Deputy Secretary of Defense,
Mr. William Cohen Mr. John Hamre
4000 Defense Pentagon
Washington D C 20301-1000

General Counsel Deputy General for Legal Counsel
Ms. Judy Miller, Mr. Harold Kwalwasser

Dear Mr. Cohen,

We at Voice for Veteran Services are real concerned at how access is being denied to other U. S. veterans that have fought for the freedom of this country. When and if? We come home from conflict or war? The U. S. military has discriminated against the majority of U. S. veterans with their rules and regulations that eliminate our rights to camp on Mwr recreational facilities.

We want you to answer these questions when it comes to your own rules and regulations and tell us through the freedom of information act how you come up with who will have the right and who will not.

Your letter to Congressman Bob Filner dated September 14 1999 list the authorized patrons allowed by the military. So lets take a closer look at your rules and regulations that discriminate.

Authorized Patrons include members of the armed forces; we want to know how many members are in the armed forces? Give us a total number of active duty personal____________.

How many active duty personal died while serving their country? Give us a total______. Did these soldiers die in vain, because they would have been told by the military that they would not be able to use Mwr lands!

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Secretary of Defense
William Cohen,

Authorized Patrons continued:

Out of this group of active duty how many are officers and how many are enlisted that actually do use the Mwr recreational facilities? Give us a total of how many officers use the Mwr recreational lands________ and a total of how many enlisted men actually do use the land_________.

Retirees of the armed forces, how many military retirees are there in the armed forces? Give us a total_________ How many of these military retirees actually do use the Mwr recreational facilities. We want a total__________.

Disabled veterans with a 100% service-connected disability. Give us a number of how many veterans are rated 100% service-connected disabled? Give us a number____________. How many other veterans are disabled with service-connected injuries that are rated less than 100% disabled? Give us a total number of disabled veterans rated 0% service-connected disabled to 90% service connected disabled___________. The military is saying to this category of veterans that they Are Not disabled enough to be considered a Patron of the Mwr recreational facilities.

Medal of Honor recipients, how many Medal of Honor recipients are there? Give us a total_________. How many are alive today and actually do use the Mwr recreational facilities? Give us a total__________. Their family members, Give us a total of how many family members served in the military___________Did not serve in the military_____________. How many of these family members actually do use Mwr recreational facilities? Give us a total___________.

Now total up all the active duty personal, and retirees, and disabled veterans and Medal of Honor recipients that you do allow on base? Give us a total____________.

How many U. S. veterans are in the United States today? Give us a total___________. Now subtract that from the total in the last question. How many veterans has the military kicked off these Mwr recreational lands? __________.

Our Bill of Rights say that No Leader of Our Lands or Kings of Our Lands Will Create Private Domain for Their Own Personal Use. Why is the military creating private domain for the selected few?

Chairman, ( VFVS )
Mr. Robin J. Rustan

cc: Congressman Bob Filner, Mr. Hershel Gober, VP Al Gore, Mr. George Bush, & Mr. Bill Bradley

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