VERPA/Senator Boxer March 5th 2004 Letter to Abolish the FERES Doctrine

"New Position for Rusty"

Senator Barbara Boxer
112 Hart Senate Building
Washington DC, 20510
s/b Ms Carmen Bendixen

The Honorable Senator Boxer, March 5, 2004

I would like to bring your attention to the January 27, 2004 letter I sent out through Voice For Veterans Services registered 7003 3110 0006 2320 1894 on 02/02/2004 and given the proper time I was still waiting for a reply to the questions regarding giving support to VERPA Legislative efforts to abolish the FERES Doctrine.

Barb Cragnotti, VERPA Board Member/Legislative Coordinator has spoken with Carmen Bendixen and sent her copies of the VERPA Act via email on 05/16/2003. Also go to

Since January 27, 2004 I have picked up the position with VERPA Veterans Equal Rights Protection Act as a Board Member for Human Rights Coordinator. Voice For Veterans Services has joined in a TEAM effort with VERPA to abolish the FERES Doctrine. It is always better to work together than apart and that is why I assume the responsibilities of being VERPA Human Rights Coordinator. I no longer just represent myself with VFVS on Medical Malpractice and Gross or Criminal Negligence. I represent every Disabled Soldier and Disabled Veteran ever abused by the Military Hospitals and VA Hospitals.

The VERPA Team has been working very closely with Senator Specter, Senate Judiciary Affairs Committee to review and discuss abolishing the FERES Doctrine. As Human Rights Coordinator for VERPA I encourage you to agree with us in making Federal Legislation to Abolish the FERES Doctrine on the grounds that it is inhumane and unjust for all Soldiers that serve our Country. There are Soldiers dying because of lack of Medical Care when Perfect Medical Care is always promised on the first day of induction. The FERES Doctrine allows good men to do bad things. These abuses of powers known as the FERES Doctrine sent me to Vietnam with a Broken Neck from Darnel Army Hospital where I was supposed to receive perfect Medical Care?

Please look at the VERPA website and go to the On-line Petition that we presented to Senator Specter House Senate Veterans Affairs Committee and judge for yourself how many Soldiers are suffering for the rest of their lives and in some cases are Dead because of No Medical Care. Abolishing the FERES Doctrine with the exception to incident to combat will allow each and every Soldier to have the protection from terrible crimes of Medical Malpractice and Gross or Criminal Negligence that is ongoing in our Military yesterday, today and tomorrow. We are here today to Stop Forever the FERES Doctrine from destroying anymore lives. Will you support Senator Specter in creating Federal Legislation to Abolish the FERES Doctrine?

We at VERPA will be looking forward to a reply as to you supporting Senator Specter and VERPA in Abolishing the FERES Doctrine. Furthermore we urge you to oppose the Joint Draft Bills in the House and Senate so that there are no more Kent State University Episodes.

Seriously Concerned, cc: President George W. Bush
Rusty Rustan cc: VERPA Board Members
VERPA Board Member cc: House Senate Judiciary Committee
Human Rights Coordinator cc Armed Services Committee