Subject: lies, lies and more lies...rape in the military and my daughter
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I sit in my office today, heavily burdened by what is before me. I am so sick of all the lies and cover- ups the military has done to protect themselves so "they' can ignore the truth of what really happened.My daughter is Specialist Natalie Longee. She was raped and then deployed to Iraq. Her assailant stayed back and never was deployed. To make a very long story short, my daughter is now discharged from the military and is suffering from what happened to her so much that she is now in a VA hospital for all the trauma and abuse that she suffered while still in the military. The military only took action after my daughters case came into the national spotlight by the media. Two days ago, the military finally released the transcripts that are now public records information. These transcripts are suppose to be the official article 32 hearing transcripts. However the military has changed what the testimony was and edited out things and out right change what was actually said. How do I know that? I have recorded tapes of the hearing. I have proof that the military has altered what was testified in the hearings. They have release only parts and outright changed what was said. I am sick with all of this. In other words they have dismissed another rapist. Please help me if you can.

Margaret Vague