I am shocked and appalled at the illegal tactics The VERPA BOARD has for getting rid of Combat Veterans from your Board of Directors. Combat Veterans for the most part all have PTSD so if we respond roughly or typo happens, "TOUGH SHIT." VERPA had no intention of helping ALL that Served only the Selected FEW "Incident to Service" ONLY. While forgetting "Incident to Combat" that have been abused by federal employees "After the Fact" abuses arise while being admitted into military hospitals or not admitted into military hospitals causing death because of no medical care "While in Combat" service-connected to "Incident to Combat" are being compromised by VERPA while the abuses of federal employees are a daily experience for all disabled soilders that are admitted into military hospitals. At the same time some Board Members say that VERPA stands for "Truth Honesty and Integrity" after the fact that you RIP OFF representing those soldiers and veterans that are "Incident to Combat" by compromising the legal words of the VERPA ACT excluding "Incident to Combat" The VERPA ACT is incomplete and self serving for the selected few. VERPA looses "Truth Honesty and Integrity" when you only represent the selected few "Incident to Service" WHILE forgetting all those that suffered while being "Incident to Combat" VFVS sadly moves on with issues of "Incident to Combat" knowing that VERPA is PART of the PROBLEM because The "VERPA ACT" ONLY represents PART of the SOLUTION! In my opinion that is WHY all Combat Veterans were removed from the VERPA Board of Directors with secret agendas unknown by most board members. Knowing that all "Incident to Combat Case Studies would never be intorduced for protection under abolishing The Feres Doctrine. "The Chilling Effects of VERPA"

Rusty Rustan