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1. Water Contact Illness Medical Affidavit Information form along with the Water Flyer created by Rusty. This survey is with Doctors Orders or without and each Survey will count for the real total is necessary and long overdue.
2. Sunrise Multispecialist Medical Center
3. Hepatitis Study (removed)
4. OCSD FAHR Committee meeting emails
5. AB 1969, NEWS FLASH, Victory in State Senate Committee emails.
6. Toll Roads in the Wildersness / Toll Road Scan
7. San Clementee City Council all vote to Dump the Wavier
8. Costa Mesa Sanitary District meets Monday
9. Who are supporting OC SEWAGE WAIVER: CASA
10. EPA Sludge Report...right into the Potomac
11. OOG: EPA Plume Drawing Attached. What Is It?
12. Tentative Resolution RWQCB / California Regional Water Quality Control Board (pdf)
13. Get involved: Stop OC sewage dumping
14. OOG: City By City: Costa Mesa AM, Los Alamitos PM Tomorrow, Monday
15. OOG: Victories at Los Alamitos, Garden Grove Sanitary District
16. Los Al opts for the clean; CM Sanitary Dist. also
17. ~ No Waiver, No Way! ~

H.R. 1917 Bill
U.S. House Of Reps,
Bob Filner
Surfrider Foundation
Press Release
VFVS Chatroom
VFVS Message Board
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18. OOG: Fwd: OCSD Board Meeting Update
19. OOG: Don't Miss the Big One: OCSD Board Meeting Wednesday, June 26
20. OOG: Steering Committee Before Big One Tomorrow, Wednesday, June 26
21. OOG: Parking is not a problem... just a hassle
22. Standing Room Only OCSD June 26th Meeting
23. Subj: OOG: Hundreds Turn Out for Waiver Hearing
24. Subj: OOG: Fwd: July 17 board meeting
25. Midway City Santitation District Board Meeting July 2, 2:30 PM
26. OOG: EPA Amended Section 301(h) Trechnical Support Document
27. The Holy Crap Flyer
28. Buena Park Study Session Facts
29. ~Summer Solstice- Night Of The BAT!~
30. OOG: Waiver News Articles, AB 1969
31. Agenda Announcement, Santa Ana Regional Water Quality Control Board
32. Stan Grant supports sewage waiver
33. OOG: City By City: Three on Tuesday, July 2
34. OOG: BUY AMERICAN Campaign (1of 3)
35. OOG: BUY AMERICAN Campaign (2of 3)
36. OOG: BUY AMERICAN Campaign (3of 3)
37. OOG: Remember Midway City and Buena ParkTomorrow, FV Canceled
38. OOG: Buy American Corrections
39. OOG: It's not just about the beach
40. NIGHTLINE: Taking Out the Waste
41. Buena Park Unanimous Resolution against the waiver
42. OOG: Fwd: Buena Park Unanimous Resolution Against The Waiver
43. Shocking letter by Attorney for Midway City Sanitation District
44. $16: "Sewage remedy may cost less"
45. Buena Park postpones again; don't forget OCSD wed. 7:30
46. OOG: Fwd: [PARKSIDE] OCSD propaganda video
47. Brown Act Facts -- Local pols violate the law
48. OOG: Public Input Needed At:
49. New video of outfall pollution
Sewage grants vs. Runoff: LATimes article
51. OOG: City By City: Cypress Monday, Stanton Tuesday
52. OOG: Another Sample Letter To LA Times
53. OOG: Another Sample Letter To LA Times
54. OOG: Fwd: Letter to the LA Times
55. Vandersloot in the Times; Cypress, Stanton
56. OOG: BUY AMERICAN: Fwd: Response to Issue's in the FAHR Agenda, UVL
57. July 17th Be There for the Legacy Vote document
58. OOG Goals and Dr. Sewage, LA Times July 8th 2002
59. Daily Pilot May 9th 2002/The Smoking Gun
60. EPA Technical Support Doc 1994 / Location of the Sewage Plume
61. Subsurface plume 20-40 m deep / Fact Sheet
62. Waiver Votes City by City
63. Pre Bleach/ Post Bleach of sewage
64. OOG: OC Supervisor Gets On Board Opposing Waiver
65. Plume of Doom from HB Independent
66. OOG: Register Articles and Editorial, Wake-Up Call
67. OCSD finally makes OCR front page
68. URGENT: Stop the Waiver Wed. 6:30PM
69. OOG: City By City: Santa Ana Monday Night
70. OOG: City By City: Brea vs Fountain Valley Tuesday Night, OC Supes.Tue. AM
71. Surfrider rallies vs. waiver 5:30 PM WED.
72. OOG: City By City: Brea vs Fountain Valley Tuesday Night, OC Supes.Tue. AM
73. OOG: Victory At OCSD. The Waiver Is Dead
74. OCSD Board flushes waiver on odd vote
75. I went surfing today and looked at the Ocean a different way
76. OOG: OCSD Resolution & Votes, RWQCB Meeting Tomorrow, Friday, 9 AM
77. OOG: Check Out News Articles on Waiver Victory, Offshore barges repairing pipe
78. OCSD plume picture
79. OOG: Bleach News and Followup
80. OOG: OCSD July 17, 2002 Resolution
81. [thetigerstale] ~Thanx for the Lesson~
82. OOG: News Articles: LA Times, Daily Pilot, Register, OC Weekly, HB Indy
83. OOG: Fwd: Original Blake letter to the directors / Letter to board and staff_july02.doc
84. These documents came from Viewers should fill out to Oppose Clorination of the Ocean and
the Goleta Waiver Must Go. Two important Issues that have to be addressed. The Goleta Waiver Must End.ZIP (2.4 megs.)
85. OOG: LA Times Editorial and Letters, Daily Pilot: AB 1969 Withdrawn
86. OOG: OCSD PDC Meeting 5 PM Thursday August 1 / OCSD_PDC_Meeting8_1_02.pdf (641 kb)
87. OCSD informational picketing resumes
88. [thetigerstale] ~Score One For The Critters!~
89. OCSD's Blake Anderson and his "waiver"
90. Blake pledges honesty: NEW LETTER
91. OOG: Fwd: San Diego Waiver / letteronSWRCBOrderv17_25_02.doc (60 kb)
92. Waiver stopped?/Urban Runoff/OCRegister
93. OOG: San Diego Waiver: Mind Boggling. Your Letter Requested
94. OOG: Fwd: San Diego Waiver. News on Thursday's SWRCB Meeting
95. 301(h) Waiver Support for San Diego Chapter
96. Rusty with friend setting up the booth at the U.S. Fusion Open Surf Contest H.B. Pier.
97. [thetigerstale] Elect Joey Racano for Huntington Bch. City Council 2002
98. Tragedy at OCSD: explosion at plant 2
99. OOG: San Diego Waiver News Article
100. Heal the San Gabriel/Sandcastles in Seal Beach

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