Subj: Don't Buy the Spin: Bush is Taking Away Overtime Pay
Date: 4/20/2004 12:43:54 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: "Working Families e-Activist Network" <>
To: "Robin Rustan" <>
Dear Working Families e-Activist:

Today is a tragic day, although you wouldn't know it from reading your newspaper. Last night after most offices in Washington closed, the Bush administration announced it would finalize and issue the regulations to take away overtime pay from millions of America's workers. Now, the White House spin machine is working overtime to make this paycheck attack sound like a good thing for workers.

Don't be fooled!

George W. Bush is now the first president in U.S. history to rewrite the overtime eligibility rules to take away workers' overtime pay.

He needs to feel the heat! Please act today: Send a letter to President Bush now by clicking on the link below. We'll deliver your letter via fax with a copy to your U.S. senators. Tell Bush what you think. Or, keep reading.

Already the Bush administration is feeling pressure. So they've launched an aggressive campaign to mislead the media and the American people about the overtime pay take-away.

Ignoring the protests of millions of working families and defying the wishes of Congress, President Bush moved forward with this pay cut.

In its own words, the Bush administration has said that only workers earning less than $23,660 a year would be guaranteed the right to overtime pay. Everybody earning more than that amount could be caught up in the range of other changes to eligibility rules that take away overtime pay. And workers earning less than that amount won't exactly be helped--many of them already get overtime pay!

We've got to make our voices heard now to counter these misleading statements, which are bombarding media coverage. Here are two things you can do today to make a difference.

1. Fax President Bush and your senators by clicking on the link below. The U.S. Senate could still act to protect overtime pay.

2. After you act, please tell your friends, family and co-workers what is going on by forwarding this e-mail.

Even if you don't get overtime pay already, you can help. Do you know somebody who earns overtime pay? It is important that more people know President Bush might cut their paychecks. Please click on the link below to spread the word to your friends, family and co-workers.

Thanks for all you do. Look for more soon, including a review of the final changes and how they might affect you.

In Solidarity,

Working Families e-Activist Network, AFL-CIO
April 20, 2004

P.S. Don't forget: You can still contribute to fund TV ads to save overtime pay.