From: Deb Callahan <>
To: Robin Rustan <>
Sent: Tue, 17 May 2005 16:32:56 GMT
Subject: Do you know what's in your drinking water?

Dear Robin ,

The latest Bush Administration water policy is going to make you -- and a lot of other people -- sick. It's called "sewage blending" and this week we have a real chance to stop it.

They call it sewage blending, but it's really a proposed EPA rule to allow more inadequately treated sewage to be dumped into our waterways -- including our drinking water sources. There's a vote this week in Congress about this issue and we can win -- if you help us get their attention!

LCV is going to make it crystal clear where the American public stands on more sewage in our drinking water by sending Congress gallons of pure water with a petition from LCV supporters.

Add your name to label on the water bottles going to Congress -- and help LCV stop this outrage.

Sewage blending is just as bad as it sounds: if approved, sewer operators will dispose sewage into our waterways without adequate treatment.

The League of Conservation Voters is here to stop it from happening -- just like we're here every day, working hard to make sure that anti-environment policies like sewage blending don't become a harsh reality for millions of Americans. But we simply can't do it without you. Your contributions allow us to fight for a sustainable future for all Americans, including clean drinking water. Please make your gift to LCV now.

It's probably obvious to you why "blended" sewage is so detrimental. It has significantly higher levels of pollutants, bacteria and viruses. Experts estimate that 8 million Americans get sick from exposure to these polluted water sources every year. Your family's drinking water may be in danger of contamination as a result of sewage blending.

LCV relies exclusively on its members to understand what's at stake for our environmental future. Sewage blending not only threatens the well-being of the environment, but it also endangers the health of our communities, our friends and our families. Your generous support to LCV will help us put a stop to sewage blending.

Don't let the Bush Administration's plan to make sewage blending -- and dirty drinking water -- become reality. Give to LCV now by clicking here.

Thank you for your time and generosity.


Deb Callahan
League of Conservation Voters