Disgrace of the Chicago Sun Tribune and a reply from a vet.

Wednesday, February 4, 2004

We're obsessed with flags that have lost meaning
When can we get rid of those black POW/MIA flags that have been flying under the American flag for the past 30 years? Or are we stuck with them forever? I'm all for honoring vets, but the black flag has always had negative overtones, having originated in Rambo paranoia centered around the belief that American prisoners were still in Vietnam years after the war ended and the government was for some reason concealing the fact. The flags, in addition to honoring sacrifice, also suggest, unfairly, something shameful about the country, or at least they did. Now vets say they are just a generic tribute to all the prisoners of war and missing in action. Perhaps. But there are better ways to honor U.S. service personnel. The flags will probably disappear one by one, as those who care passionately about them move on. A good thing, too.


Have you thanked a Veteran for your Freedom to write what you write. POW & MIA never have a Good Day and you can sit there with your thoughts thinking that the POW and MIA Flag has lost its meaning? How about the Flags at Arlington Cemetery are you thinking the same about those flags in the same way. I am shocked and appalled at how you present your thoughts around the POW & MIA victims. Our Government did leave us behind.

I personally am rated by the BVA as 100% Disabled by the Vietnam War and have a life sentence of pain because of WAR. When we came home from Vietnam we ran into pricks like you spiting on us for being involved in Vietnam. 35 years later we have to deal with the thought that you never appreciated the personal freedoms that you have because of MIA & POW that sacrificed everything so you could have something.

Yes, Our Country has fallen short on a lot of promises to us Veterans and I challenge you to look at the other side of how a Veteran feels when you cross the line and take away his pride by downplaying the seriousness of what he put on the line when he put that uniform on to serve his Country. POW & MIA Never Have a Good Day. I demand an apology if your Man enough to accept the fact that Our Country did forget about Duty of Care to all that served except for military Officers. There is two levels of Health Care in military hospitals. Those that are Officers and their dependents get all of the Care and those that enlisted Get None. So on top of being left behind in Vietnam we also have no medical care for our permuted disabilities and that is why 60% of the Homeless are U.S. Veterans because they received NO Care when they came home with PTSD symptoms just kicked to the curb cold with no care. But still all in all you have your personal freedoms to be able to write what you write and forget about the true sacrifices of those that served.

Go to my website Voice For Veterans Services www.vfvs.com and look at VERPA Link www.verpa.org That has an On-line Petition to Abolish the FERES Doctrine so that the military will be accountable for Medical Malpractice & Negligence in Military Hospitals. Being a Disabled Veteran is a life sentence of pain as long as you have your Freedoms I am OK with that.

Yes, you have my permission to print this letter in your newspaper so your readers will know how one disabled veteran feels about your thoughts on the POW & MIA Flags loosing its meaning. Those Flags are Now a Part of History as they fly proudly under the American Flag it shows us Veterans that our Government will never ever forget our lost brothers and sisters and always remember them as Americans that lost it all so you could have something.

Rusty, www.vfvs.com