Coordinating Comprehensive Information


I am the Plaintiff in Trueman v. Rumsfeld, et al. and founder of VERPA.

After nine (9) years of proceeding through intra-military administrative remedy processes under 10 U.S.C. 1552 &1034 (Military Whistleblower Protection Act), to redress an improper military discharge for reporting fraud, waste and abuse, the matter is finally scheduled for hearing before Judge Clifford S. Green in Philadelphia on June 17th.

I am challenging Rumsfeld's "sole discretion" under 1034 as unconstitutional and seeking case of first impression status. Hence, it is a "class action" based claim also, so, if you know of any military personnel who lost their careers I can get their matters into the public record at this time. The complaint overall charges the Feres Doctrine allows for corruption within the military's command, legal and medical systems. It is supported by substantial documentary evidence to say the least.

We might be in luck with Judge Green. He is the senior judge, black WWII veteran and 81 years old. Obviously, he should not be fearful or influenced by the powers that be.

Best wishes,
Jeff Trueman