Environmental Press # 9

Those in "favor of the waiver" have started coming out.

---------------------Listed opponents of AB1969

California Association of Sanitation Agencies (CASA)
925 L Street, Suite 1400 Sacramento, California 95814
TEL 916-446-0388, FAX 916-448-4808


Lobbied the Senate Analyst, trying to kill AB1969,
saying no link has been proven, and OCSD in full
compliance with the loophole which AB1969 will close.

President: Jean M. Mariani

Pres. Elect: John A. Coleman



Executive Director and Lobbyist: Michael F. Dillon

Lobbyist: Roberta L. Larson

Lobbyist: Erik Sapirstein

Expurgated history of CASA: Sewage, the hidden scandal

California Association of Sanitary Agencies (CASA) was formed in 1956 due to a perceived need for SEWAGE LOBBYING. At that time, CA was just beginning to come to grips with its huge growth, and how much damage the old idea of dumping sewage was causing.

As opposition to SEWAGE DUMPING, and the need for clean water, increased in the 1960's, CASA spread to include "special districts" like the Orange County Sanitation District (OCSD).

The big difference is that special districts like OCSD are governed NOT by those elected to do that job, and evaluated by the Ratepayers. OCSD is a big example of appointed directors not accountable to the Ratepayers.

At this time, CASA lobbied heavily to protect the existence of such weird entities as OCSD, which the state legislature was attempting to bring under control. Obviously, CASA seems to have won, as the difference is not generally known, and OCSD continues setting the standard for getting away with the least treatment at the minimum cost.

Creation of the yuppy-preppie Local Agency Formation Commissions seems to have cloaked the difference between the 2 kinds of sewaging agencies so that the general public did not even know this was going on.

CASA now brags about the commonality of interest between the 2.

"...The Association has prospered greatly as the larger sanitation districts, including County Sanitation Districts of Orange County...have become members..."

CASA started hiring PAID lobbyists in 1969, although it is not clear how they got away with spending Ratepayer money to lobby for OCSD's waiver.

Enemies of the Clean Water Act succeeded in heading off its direct and simple implementation in California, as it was grafted on to the system of "water boards" which up to that time were mostly interested in supporting water supplies for industry. To this day, the regional and state water boards have majority membership from water users, that is, Industry and Commerce. There are only 2 members supposedly from the public, mostly Academics -- and we know how malleable they are.

You did not even know this was going on, now you do. Write to CASA and tell them you want them to stop supporting the Orange County sewage waiver, no matter what excuse they might use for doing so.


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