Environmental Press # 87

Subj: OCSD informational picketing resumes
Date: Wed, 31 Jul 2002 16:36:37 -0700
From: Doug Korthof <doug@seal-beach.org>
To: voiceforveterans@aol.com (via CleanOcean@orange-county.net)


Picketing resumes, even though the OCSD Board has voted to stop the waiver?

It's outrageous, when you think about it.

All these years, Blake Anderson has been stating that the sewage is "good for the Ocean", and that it's perfectly safe for our kids to swim, surf in and snort.

Now, all of a rush, OCSD ADMITS that the live bacteria and virus in the fecal debris are, indeed, a potential public health problem.

So much a problem, indeed, that they are embarking on EMERGENCY chlorination on a rush-rush basis by Aug. 12. That's like 3 weeks from the date they were ordered to cease the



pretense and give up the waiver.

Do you believe anything Blake Anderson says? Can you? Is it any better to swim in chlorinated, mostly dead sewage?

Instead of moving swiftly to build the plant to catch up, as we have been telling them to do, they are still clinging to the idea of "blended sewage" that can just barely meet current standards...in 11 years! Their apparent plan is to improve secondary to "single digits", and blend it with much higher filtered primary sewage, coming close to the limit of 30 mg/l (of bio-carbon compounds). They are STILL trying to avoid full secondary treatment of all sewage!

Meanwhile, they want to dump the chlorine in the sewage.

So what's the solution? Very simple. Bring our backward sewage district up to the standard everywhere else our size, and very quickly.

But with the connivance of the Regional Water Board, OCSD is still planning to dink around with experiments in microfiltration, and other fantasies, and stretch compliance out over a decade.

If past failed leadership can't do the job, maybe we need a new GM in order to bring OCSD up to standard.

To get to the promised land of a healed and healthy Ocean, perhaps we need to drop off some of the delayers, who stand discredited before the court of their own admission: assuring us all these years that it was "safe", even hiding some test results from the public eye, and now trying to cover it all up with chlorination.

Here is the latest handout:


Orange County Sanitation District now Admits BACTERIA AND VIRUS from their SEWAGE is a DANGER TO BEACHES and requires EMERGENCY DISINFECTION! But disinfection with chlorine has its own dangers. Chlorine combines with the complex chemicals in primary sewage and forms dangerous chlorinated hydrocarbon compounds, not good for dolphins, whales, fish, swimmers and surfers.

BETTER TO REMOVE THE PATHOGENS FIRST! Forcing fish and kids to swim in disinfected sewage solids is not acceptable!

P.O. Box 2911 Seal Beach, CA 90740

State Water Resources Control Board, Office of Chief Counsel
1001 "I" Street, 22nd Floor
Sacramento, CA 95814 FAX: 916-341-5199
ATTN: Elizabeth Miller Jennings, Senior Staff Counsel (916) 341-5175
Date: ____________

I oppose chlorination of primary sewage except on a very temporary,
emergency basis. Chlorination must not be done unless there is an immediate
and verifiable danger. OCSD must be required to implement full secondary
treatment via traditional treatment methods without delay. QUIT THE STALL,

Signed: __________________________ Name:_____________________________
Addr:____________________________ City,ZIP____________________________
Email:____________________________ Tele_______________________________

Of course, the nit-pickers will tell you "we currently give
it all (primary) treatment", and "it's not sewage, it's wastewater"
and so on. But sewage by any other name is still as dangerous, and
"full" treatment everywhere ELSE our size is FULL SECONDARY.
So when they pick nits, ask them how they can dare tell you anything
after so many years of obfuscation.


PS, you are welcome to join the picketing, 7:30-9AM, and help
with handouts.

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