Environmental Press # 56

Subj: OOG: BUY AMERICAN: Fwd: Response to Issue's in the FAHR Agenda, UVL Contract
Date: Tue, 9 Jul 2002 3:12:47 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From: Jon V3
To: Jon V3
Dear Ocean Outfall Group (OOG), dedicated to ending the 301(h) waiver held by the Orange County Sanitation District (OCSD):

Forwarded is the American company Calgon's response to issues raised in the FAHR Committee Agenda for this Wednesday, July 10, 5 PM, OCSD Administrative Office, 10844 Ellis, Fountain Valley. FAHR stands for Finance, Administration, Human Resources. It will be very important to attend this meeting and lobby for OCSD to reject all bids for the ultraviolet light disinfection project, and negotiate a new contract. Whoever gets this UVL contract will have the inside track for the rest of the UVL at OCSD, and remember, OOG has always advocated UVL, not bleach, as the disinfection modality. If the wrong company gets this contract, a very bad precedent will be set. It seems to me, after reading the Calgon response, that buying American makes a lot of practical and economic sense. To see the full FAHR Agenda, go to OCSD.com, go to Board of Directors, go to FAHR Committee, click on July 10 Agenda. Hope to see you on Wednesday to advocate for Buy American in the Public

Comments section at the beginning of the 5 PM meeting. Jan Vandersloot (949) 548-6326



Subj: Response to Issue's in the FAHR Agenda
Date: Mon, 8 Jul 2002 20:06:35 -0700
From: drewry@calgoncarbon.com
To: JonV3@aol.com

Mr. Anderson Asked me to forward our preliminary response to you. I expect
o have more info. tomorrow. Mr. Anderson will also be receiving a copy of


See attached file: OCWDCommitteeLetterJuly_02.doc (right click to download)

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