Environmental Press # 51

Subj: OOG: City By City: Cypress Monday, Stanton Tuesday
Date: 7/7/2002 6:57:35 PM Pacific Daylight Time
From: Jon V3
To: Jon V3

Dear Ocean Outfall Group (OOG), dedicated to ending the 301(h) waiver held by the Orange County Sanitation District (OCSD):

This week's City By City Campaign stops through the cities of Cypress Monday night and Stanton Tuesday night. These are both difficult cities. Cypress was fairly friendly in our Initial Presentation last November, but the Cypress OCSD representative Anna Piercy seems favorable to OCSD. Therefore, we must try to get a Council consensus against the waiver to give direction to Ms Piercy. Here are the details:

The Cypress Home Page is Welcome to the City of Cypress . Here is the July 8 Agenda: Cypress Agenda July 8, 2002 . City Hall is located at 5725 Orange Avenue. The meeting on Monday, July 8, starts at 7 PM with Oral Communications limited to 30 minutes. Here is the protocol:



The public may at this time address the members of the City Council and the Cypress Redevelopment Agency on any matters within the jurisdiction of the City Council and/or the Cypress Redevelopment Agency, prior to any action taken on the Agenda. No action may be taken on off-Agenda items except as authorized by law. Speakers are requested to limit their comments to no more than three minutes each. If you would like to address the City Council, please complete the white SPEAKER'S CARD. The card is available at the speaker's podium or from the City Clerk. Please identify on the card your name, address, and the item on which you would like to speak, and return to the City Clerk. The SPEAKER'S CARD assists the Mayor in ensuring that all persons wishing to address the Council are recognized.

Directions to get there: Take 405 north to 605 north. Exit Carson right, turns into Lincoln. Go past Moody and before Valley View, turn right on Walker Street. Turn right on Orange and look to your right at 5725 Orange. Also, you can go up Valley View from the 405 Freeway and turn left on Orange.

Then, on Tuesday night is the City of Stanton. OOG has not been to Stanton, but Doug Korthof and a few allies have. Stanton is also difficult, with Mayor Brian Donahue being the OCSD representative. Here is the website: Welcome to the City of Stanton Web Site . Here is the July 9 Agenda: Stanton Agenda 7-9-02 . Meeting starts at 6:30 PM with Oral Communications shortly thereafter. Protocol is:

At this time members of the public may address the City Council regarding any items within the subject matter jurisdiction of the City Council, provided that NO action may be taken on non-agenda items. Members of the public wishing to address the City Council may do so by completing a REQUEST TO SPEAK form and submitting it to the City Clerk. When the Mayor calls you to the microphone, please state your Name and Address, slowly and clearly, for the record. A speaker’s comments shall be limited to a three (3) minute aggregate time period on Oral Communications and Agenda Items.

Here are directions: Address: 7800 Katella Ave., Stanton. Go North on Beach Blvd, past 22 Freeway, past Chapman, past Orangewood. Turn left on Katella. Look to left, 7800 Katella.

We must keep up the pressure, as OCSD is making its decision next week, July 17, when we must try to double our presence at our encore from the June 26 big meeting where we had numbers estimated from 250 to 400 people. We now have 11 of the 13 cities necessary to vote for an increase in treatment level to full secondary with no waiver. Let's try to get those two this week, and if not, then next week, as Fountain Valley and the Board of Supervisors will have meetings.

See you tomorrow night. Jan Vandersloot (949) 548-6326

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