Press Release # 409

Subject: Stop The Bull Shit!

Hello Harry and Helen!

Now we see the Pentagon regrouping (groping) about the lack of appropriate armor for the troops in Iraq. All this after downsizing the number of heavy tanks and artillery (five out of six removed!) and now some idiot has proposed we send over thousands of M113 Personnel Carriers to (replace the Humvees) that were used (and abused) during the Vietnam war. Hey folks, AK 47 rounds pierced the flimsy armor on the 113"s. And RPG's stopped them dead in their "tracks". The "grave yard" on Okinawa was already full of tanks and armored personnel carriers in 1965! As the war progressed, it was considered cost efficient to take the "dead" vehicles out to sea and dump them, rather than take them to Okinawa for repair. Can you imagine?

This business of fighting a war in the "urban" areas is nothing but a death wish.

If they get into close combat in a city, the air power is negated because of the close proximity of the combatants.

Otherwise, "friendly fire" is going to be the greater culprit of the war in the cities. And then guess who the winner is?


I have one comment for the neocons running the political effort of the fabricated preemptive attack-----You idiots!


John McCarthy
Chairman of The Board of VERPA

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