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Subj: OOG: HB Planning Commission Tuesday: Pacific City 31 Acres EIR
Date: 3/20/2004 4:49:40 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: Jon V3


Below is a notice of the EIR, Tentative Tract Map and CUP for the 31 acre Pacific City project on Coast Highway being heard this Tuesday at the HB Planning Commission, 7 PM.

This site contains 3 archeology sites, possible wetlands documented by Mark Bixby, and urban runoff from the project is an issue.

From my reading of the documents available online, there is no provision for onsite bioswales or constructed wetlands for treatment of urban runoff.

See online documents:

1. Huntington Beach - Official City Web site - City Departments - Planning - Major
This is the Pacific City EIR.


2. This is the water quality section

Especially read document 2, the water quality discussion, which also gives you a review of the project as a whole. However, some of the water quality documents are apparently not available online, but at City Hall.

Runoff appears to be handled by filters and below-ground detention basin only. In this day and age, bioswales and constructed wetlands should be required instead, especially since the owners of the property, MAKAR Properties, are represented on the Board of Miocean, which is purported to want to help with ocean pollution issues, and is involved with water quality improvement issues in Dana Point and Salt Creek.

See Miocean website:

Miocean :: Welcome

See sponsors, one being MAKAR Properties:

Miocean ::

Since MAKAR Properties is a sponsor of Miocean, you would think that water quality and constructed wetlands would be a priority. Ironically, Miocean and Fuscoe Engineering, also associated with Miocean, is involved with the restoration of the nearby Little Shell wetlands.

Therefore, pressure should be brought to bear at the Planning Commission Tuesday night on the water quality and wetlands issue at a minimum.

Below is the Agenda Item. If you cannot attend the meeting, please send an email to the Planning Commission. Here is a suggested email:

Send to:

Copy to:

Subject Line: HB Planning Commission 3-23-04, Pacific City EIR, CUP, TTM

Body of Email:

Dear Huntington Beach Planning Commissioners.

I am writing to express concern about the water quality section of the Pacific City EIR, which you will consider the Planning Commission on Tuesday, March 23, items number: B-1a and B-1b. There do not appear to be provisions for onsite detention of runoff in a bioswale or constructed wetlands in this project. I would recommend that this type of best management practice or best available technology be required for this development. Runoff from this project will wind up in the ocean, and the ocean and beaches of Huntington Beach are polluted. It is therefore imperative that runoff from this project be retained onsite and not be allowed to contaminate the ocean. Such onsite retention and treatment can be accomplished by a treatment wetland system. A nearby example of a treatment wetland system at Little Shell could be used as a model for the Pacific City project. Ironically, the treatment wetland system at Little Shell is being constructed by Fuscoe Engineering, the consultant for the Pacific City project.

Thank you for your consideration of this water quality feature at the Pacific City site.


Phone Number

Jan Vandersloot (949) 548-6326

Planning Commission Agenda Item Below:


Applicant/Property Owner: Makallon Atlanta Huntington Beach, LLC, Ethen Thacher, 4100 MacArthur Blvd., Ste 200, Newport Beach, CA 92660

Request: EIR: An analysis of the potential environmental impacts that may occur from development of the Pacific City project.
Location: 21002 Pacific Coast Highway (31-acre site bounded by Pacific Coast Highway, First Street, Atlanta Avenue, and Huntington Street).

Project Planner: Mary Beth Broeren, Principal Planner

STAFF RECOMMENDATION: Motion to: “Certify EIR No. 02-01 as adequate and complete in accordance with CEQA requirements by approving Resolution No. 1589.”


Applicant/Property Owner: Makallon Atlanta Huntington Beach, LLC, Ethen Thacher, 4100 MacArthur Blvd., Ste 200, Newport Beach, CA 92660


TTM: A request to subdivide approximately 31.5 acres into three parcels for purposes of developing a mixed-use project. One of the parcels will be for residential condominium purposes and the other two parcels are for a commercial/office/hotel development. In the residential portion of the project, there will be a 2.0-acre village park easement for public usage as well as a lettered lot for a private access road. CUP/CDP: A request to develop a mixed-use project consisting of retail, office, restaurant, cultural, and entertainment uses (up to 240,000 sq. ft.), a 400 room, eight-story hotel, spa and health club; a 2.0-acre open space/park easement; 516 condominium units above subterranean parking and associated infrastructure including the extension of Pacific View Avenue. The request also includes outdoor dining, alcohol beverage sales, live entertainment indoors and outdoors, and dancing within the proposed restaurants and hotel development; carts and kiosks within the commercial and hotel development; and valet service, parking entrance gates, attendant booths, and/or collection of fees within the below grade parking structures. In addition, the request includes a shared parking analysis which includes a reduction in the number of parking spaces required for the mixed-use project (retail, office, restaurant, cultural, entertainment, hotel, and spa uses), and tandem parking spaces. Included in the request is to permit development on a site that has a grade differential greater than three (3) feet from the low to the high point (approximately 25’ from the lowest point to its highest point); and for development in the Coastal Zone. Lastly, the request includes any additional soil remediation activities for the site to complement and complete the prior and on-going remediation activities, and may include but is not limited to excavation, temporary stockpiling, and on-site remediation.

Three Special Permit requests are as follows:
1) to allow commercial buildings to encroach into the required setbacks along Pacific Coast Highway and Pacific View Avenue; 2) to allow three driveway ramps into the residential below grade parking structures at a slope of 15% in lieu of maximum 10%; and 3) to permit retaining walls and private patio walls in the required perimeter residential setback areas. A Conceptual Master Plan is included that provides an overall buildout plan of the commercial and residential portions of the site.

Location: 21002 Pacific Coast Highway (31-acre site bounded by Pacific Coast Highway, First Street, Atlanta Avenue, and Huntington Street).
Project Planner: Scott Hess, Planning Manager


Motion to:

A) “Approve Tentative Tract Map No. 16338, Conditional Use Permit No. 02-20, Special Permit No. 02-04, Coastal Development Permit No. 02-12, and the Pacific City Conceptual Master Plan with Findings, Staff Suggested Modifications, and Suggested Conditions Of Approval;” and,

B) “Approve CEQA Statement of Findings and Fact with a Statement of Overriding Considerations.”

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