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Subj: Desalination schemers in LATimes
Date: 3/14/2004 7:23:16 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: Doug Korthof <>
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Solar Electric rooftop power is here, and works, and is
being installed all over California:

The little-known impact of obsolete infall-based power plants on the Coast has been terrible on sea life. Each of these infall-outfall systems has permits to kill 100% of all sea life that it sucks in and kills -- by "impingement" on the screen, by "entrainment" into the giant centrifugal pumps -- and by boiling in the cooling process itself.

Rotary pump vanes are razor sharp on the edges, which brush close to the inner walls, which has tiny holes (valute bleeds) used to bleed off air that might cause turbulence.

Water pressure sucks the sea life into these bleed holes, and they are "cleaved off" when the pump blades come around, just like a household garbage disposal -- but killing vital sea creatures in what's left of our web of life.


This happens several hundred times per minute, or even faster, depending on pump speed and configuration. (thanks to Bob D. for these details)

Solar power on rooftops not only lessens the need for even modern, combined cycle NG power plants, but it also is much harder for the Bush monopolists to control and manipulate. My system, for example, costs less (amortized over the 25 year life of the guarantee) than my former electric bill; moreover, I get to drive free, since I charge
our 2 RAV4-EV from the solar rooftop system.

Moreover, my system has a two-day emergency backup, so not only do I contribute to power for several nearby houses in the daytime, but if there were a long-term outage, I could run extension cords to neighbors or even to an emergency command post. And the next day, my batteries would charge up again, until the emergency was over.

So tell me again, why are nuclear, oil or coal-fired power plants needed? LOL! That idiot Cheney gets wet dreams, no doubt, at the idea of nuclear power plants, but it's just a bedtime fantasy.

Here is one letter about today's article in the LASLimes (oops, meant LATimes) about the "desalination" scheme, arguably a scam, a lie and a rip-off:

------------PS, don't look for this to be published!

Dear Editor:

The article on the Poseidon desalination scheme left out some important issues.

The AES power plant in Huntington Beach is based on obsolete single-pass cooling. Giant input pumps are permitted to kill sea creatures on a screen, in pumps, and in boilers to the tune of 509,000,000 gallons per day -- more than twice the Orange County Sanitation District discharge.

Desalination would add to the "dead zone" where the outfall from this killing machine dumps sliced up, boiled and dead sea creatures, rife for breeding disease.

When Poseidon came to Huntington Beach, they claimed to be experienced, citing what they called the "successful" Tampa Bay plant. Subsequently, due to notices in Bankruptcy Court, it emerged that the Florida experience is far from an unqualified success.

A better future for all would be removal of the obsolete AES plant and its giant intake pipe, pumps and boiler that spells death for the sea. Move it away from the valuable
and fragile Coastal ecosystem to an inland area where modern high-efficiency combined cycle power plants do not require the death of the Ocean to generate electric power.

Growing numbers of Californians are installing rooftop solar electric systems, further eliminating the need for high-impact industrial plants such as operated by AES.

Remove the AES plant to restore the shore to some semblance of what it was, and rely on renewable solar power to generate power where it's needed. Distributed power also offers security from grid failure and other perils.


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