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Subj: Letters To The Editor: 35th State Senate District Race Article, 2-21-04
Date: 2/25/2004 2:48:43 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: Jon V3
February 25, 2004

Letters To The Editor
The Daily Pilot

Re: 35th State Senate Race

To The Editor,

There are more differences between Ken Maddox and John Campbell, both running for the 35th State Senate next Tuesday, March 2, than is stated in the February 21, 2004 Daily Pilot article. Both are conservative Republicans, both have served in the State Assembly.

I had occasion to work with Ken Maddox 2 years ago when he authored AB 1969, the bill that would abolish the 301(h) waiver held by the Orange County Sanitation District. The waiver would have allowed the Sanitation District to continue discharging only partially treated sewage into the ocean off Newport Beach and Huntington


Beach. Through Ken's leadership, the bill was the stick that helped get rid of the waiver. You can count on Ken Maddox to advocate for clean water and beaches if he is elected to the State Senate.

On the other hand, I had occasion to see John Campbell's work recently when he tried, and is still trying, to usurp the publicly owned Crystal Cove State Park for the benefit of wealthy private trailer park owners at El Moro. I wish Mr. Campbell, if he is elected, will work for the public trust rather than private special interests.


Jan D. Vandersloot, MD

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