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Subj: [thetigerstale] ~Quack-Quack-Quack!~
Date: 1/17/2004 12:00:55 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: "joeylittleshell" <>


*On this date in 1961, outgoing President Dwight Eisenhower used his farewell address to warn the American people to "Beware the military-industrial complex"*

Are we safe from `terrorism' yet? In Huntington Beach the Chief of Police has a city council agenda item this Tuesday that puts restrictions on materials protesters can use to construct signs! Here is a man, standing there wearing a loaded gun, telling us our signs are too dangerous. The nearby city of Santa Ana passed a similar ordinance a while back, but so far have "Never needed it". Great. So let's just whittle away our rights unnecessarily. Look for this Gestapo ordinance to pass, later to be selectively enforced against protesters outside the AES power generating station on Pacific Coast Highway, as a battle against their DESALINATION PLAN is indeed looming. Don't worry locals, Scott Baugh (paid consultant for AES as well as OC Sanitation `waiver' district) is about to take over the Orange County Republican Party!


Headlands Heading Headlong to Hell-

In Dana Point, destruction -oops-I mean construction can begin on this beautiful wild jewel, ok'd by the evil half of the coastal commission, led by Davis appointee Cynthia McClain-Hill. Nice going, Davis! I understand the Democrats are having you speak at the convention? Nice.

Danger in the Bush-

The U.S. Forest Service released a final `management' plan for California's Sequoia National Monument- Clear Cuts! They say it won't hurt creatures, but when creatures are forced to fly through areas of no cover, they get eaten. Also, it's not great for thetree.

Good news for Vice President Cheney-

Haliburton just `won' a contract to rebuild Iraq's oil industry, even though they are being investigated by the Pentagram- oops- I mean Pentagon- for overcharging for Fuel. Nice going, DICK!

More Dick-

I'm so excited about the Supreme court case coming up investigating why Power companies attended meetings with Dick and Bush, resulting in war, pollution, foreign oil dependance, discontinuation of electric cars, removal of environmental regulations for power plants, and immense oil profits for already very wealthy oil people. I'm very interested in what Dick Cheney and Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia have to say about it! Hey, and perhaps they'll tell us all about it as SOON AS THEY GET BACK FROM THE DUCK HUNTING TRIP THEY'RE ON TOGETHER. QUACK-QUACK-QUACK-QUACK! Well, see ya soon,and don't worry, the Democrats have it all under control. Quack-quack-quack!

Love, your pal, joey xoxoxox

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