Press Release # 360

Subj: OOG et al: OCWD Meeting Tonight, Wednesday 5 PM
Date: 1/21/2004 3:08:41 AM Eastern Standard Time
From: Jon V3
To: Jon V3
Dear OOG et al:

Tonight is the Orange County Water District (OCWD) meeting, held at 5 PM. This is an opportunity for desalination-at-AES opponents to speak up at the Public Comments (Visitor Participation) section to voice continued opposition to OCWD's plans for a desalination plant at the AES site.

This is the typical OOG modus operandi that won the 301(h) waiver issue, which is: constant pressure, endlessly applied. Fortunately, we don't have to visit all 25 cities and agencies like we did for 18 months fighting the waiver. But we do have to attend OCWD Board meetings, which are the first and third Wednesdays of each month.

That's twice a month at 5 PM, usually out by 6 PM unless something else interesting is on the OCWD Agenda.

Here is the link to the OCWD Agenda tonight:

OCWD Online - 01.21.2004 Regular Meeting Board of Directors


Here is the address and format for public speaking:

January 21, 2004 - 5:00 p.m.
10500 Ellis Avenue, Fountain Valley, CA (714) 378-3200


Members of the audience wishing to address the Board on items of interest to the public are requested to identify themselves. If the matter on which they wish to comment is an Agenda item, the visitor will be called on when that matter comes up for consideration on the Agenda. If the item is on the Consent Calendar, it will be removed from the Consent Calendar for separate consideration.

I suggest we each try to bring up a separate issue and reason why the desalination plant at AES should not be approved, point by point, like we did with the waiver.

Tonight, I plan to issue the State Parks Department letter as to how the beach contamination issues should be solved before any desalination plant is approved. Others might bring up the Coastal Commission report, the California Energy Commission report, the AES permitting requirements, etc, etc.

Let's try to get the SEHBNA members, Surfrider, Sierra Club, Green Party, all united in achieving the result of no-desal at AES.


Jan Vandersloot
(949) 548-6326

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