Press Release # 354

Subj: [thetigerstale] ~To Slay a Dragon!~
Date: 12/17/2003 12:29:07 PM Eastern Standard Time

~To Slay a Dragon!~

It was 2:00 am this past Tuseday morning when the stars came out. These stars didn't have names like Alpha Centauri, or Antares. Rather, these stars were four members of the city of Huntington Beach, California City Council. With the whole country watching, these heroic women carried the day, and SAVED- for now- THE ENTIRE COAST, every inch of it threatened! Talk about the power of the Goddess! These elected city officials;

Pam Julien Houchen* .......cast the deciding final vote!
Debbie Cook* ....................The knowledgable Leader.
Jill Hardy *............................Uncommon integrity.
Connie Boardman*..............Former Mayor/Biologist.


A company called 'Poseiden' had proposed a DESALINATION PLANT for our area, dangling precious drinking water before our noses like a carrot on a stick, all the while knowing their real purpose was to enable the very dangerous and destructive AES POWER PLANT to continue on into the future, with continued immunity to section 316b of the Clean Water Act.

What does this mean in english? It means that the smoke, steam, mercury, and dioxin belching AES DRAGON wanted to continue using it's19 foot diameter intake pipe to suck in sea water and sea creatures for cooling. But this February is the Clean Water Act deadline for AES, who has exhausted all delaying tactics, and now must UPGRADE to newer, less destructive technology! But this TEXAS POWER COMPANY doesn't follow the rules, they simply find ways around them. And this desalination plant (which would be built 'piggy-back' on the AES intake pipe, and so 'enshrining' it) was just that- a way around the rules that protect our ocean! The power plant wanted to use the desalination plant as an excuse not to remove their destructive ocean killing intake pipe but it didn't work. Not this time. The dragon isn't dead, though- it is just sleeping. They will be back in a few years.

...and we'll be waiting for them!

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PS- Thank you heroic stars !


Love, your pal, joey xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

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