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Welcome to the November 2003 issue of the Surfrider Foundation eNews USA, an email newsletter from the Surfrider Foundation, a non-profit, coastal environmental organization at http://surfrider.org. The Surfrider Foundation National Office, with Chris Evans as Executive Director, produces the eNews. Mark Babski, mbabski@surfrider.org, is the editor. For more news, see Surfrider Foundation's Coastal News web page at http://beach.com/surfrider/currents.asp. To unsubscribe, see the bottom of this email.


*** Proposed Seawall at Pleasure Point Santa Cruz Defeated for Now

Recently, the California Coastal Commission unanimously voted against allowing the construction of a 1,100 foot long seawall along the beach at Pleasure Point in Santa Cruz, CA. For some time, the Army Corps of Engineers has been pushing to build the large seawall at this famous, quality surf break a little south from Steamer's Lane.


This is an important victory that, hopefully, will influence upcoming decisions on more proposed seawalls along California's beaches. The Surfrider Foundation is actively working against proposed seawall construction along many parts of our coastline, not only in California, but in many other states, too. More info at http://www.santacruzsentinel.com/archive/2003/November/08/local/stories/01local.htm

*** Surfrider Foundation's Snowrider Project Pulled Out of the Freezer

With snow falling and winter resorts across the country opening their lifts for business, the Surfrider Foundation announced that it is rolling out a revamped version of their Snowrider Project. Designed to help educate mountain and downstream communities in the intrinsic connection between alpine watersheds and beach and coastal areas, the Snowrider Project is actually a sub-initiative of Surfrider Foundation's successful Respect The Beach educational program. Read the Surfrider Foundation press release and go directly to the special Snowrider Project web section. http://beach.com/surfrider/press_releases_index.asp http://www.surfrider.org/snowrider/

*** Surfrider Foundation Partners with Vans Triple Crown of Surfing

The Surfrider Foundation announced that it is once again partnering with the Vans Triple Crown of Surfing to help promote awareness of coastal environmental issues and conservation of our world's oceans, waves and beaches. The Vans Triple Crown of Surfing takes place in Hawaii's famous North Shore of Oahu, and consists of three events; The Vans Hawaiian Pro, The Rip Curl Cup and X-Box Pipeline Masters. The series also comprises the final three events on the year's professional surfing tour. As part of the partnership agreement, event promoter Randy Rarick will once again be making a donation to provide each competitor with a year's membership to the Surfrider Foundation. Read Surfrider Foundation's press release at

*** DaimlerChrysler Donates $20,000 to Surfrider Foundation

The Surfrider Foundation recently joined several thousand PT Cruiser owners in Pomona, California for DaimlerChrysler's PT Cruiser Block Party. The event featured a benefit raffle which included a chance to win a 2005 Chrysler PT Cruiser Convertible, courtesy of Chrysler Financial. All proceeds from the raffle, totaling $10,000, were donated to the Surfrider Foundation. "Chrysler Financial is proud to support such a great environmental cause where education is the foundation for teaching fellow citizens about the threats to our coastal environments," said Dietmar Exler, Vice President Brands Marketing for DaimlerChrysler Services. The Surfrider Foundation was also presented a check for $10,000 from the DaimlerChrysler Fund, a non-profit entity which works to make a positive, lasting difference in the communities and environments in which they do business. Read Surfrider Foundation's press release at http://beach.com/surfrider/press_releases_index.asp

*** UN Sponsored Children's Painting Contest on 'Seas and Oceans'

The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and the Foundation for Global Peace have announced the Thirteenth Global Painting Contest with the theme 'Seas and Oceans'. Any child in the world up to 15 years old can submit a painting, all of which will be archived at the National Museums of Ethnology in Japan. 500 winners will be announced. Entries will be accepted through February 28, 2004. More info at http://www.enn.com/direct/display-release-m.asp?objid=%7C%7CD1D1364B000000F8ADF9B7E47A34F1EB

*** Oh No! EPA Proposes to Weaken Sewage Discharge Law

This one hits very close to home for surfers. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recently issued a "draft guidance" that would allow water treatment plants to dump insufficiently treated sewage in coastal waters and other waterways. This is a new policy that weakens the Clean Water Act requirements for sewage plants to treat sewage to full secondary standards before discharging the sewage. "The Bush administration's proposed policy change is upside down," said Nancy Stoner, director of NRDC's Clean Water Project. "It should require treatment plants to upgrade their aging sewer systems and help them out with more federal funding. Instead, it cut funding and now is proposing to allow facilities to discharge viruses and bacteria into our water." Before the "draft guidance" becomes law, there will be 60 days for public comment. Read more at http://www.nrdc.org/media/pressreleases/031103.asp

*** USA Wants To Increase Emissions of Ozone Depleting Chemical

The partial depletion of our upper ozone layer high in the atmosphere has helped cause a significant increase in skin cancer. To phase-out the world's use of ozone-depleting chemicals, the international treaty, the Montreal Protocol, came into effect in 1989. The treaty enacted a strict timetable for countries to reduce their emissions of upper ozone depleting chemicals such as CFCs and methyl bromide. Now for the first time, the USA has tried to get an exemption to the Montreal Protocol's provisions so that the USA can increase its use of the toxic agricultural fumigant methyl bromide. Fortunately, the USA's request was not granted for now, but the request will again be on the agenda in an upcoming March 2004 conference for the Montreal Protocol. USA backtracking on the Montreal Protocol is setting a terrible precedent. More info from the New York Times article, free registration required. http://www.nytimes.com/2003/11/15/politics/15OZON.html

*** Great Holiday Gifts at the Surfrider Foundation Online Store

A Surfrider Foundation Gift Membership to a friend or family member is a great Holiday (or Birthday) gift idea. Surfrider Foundation t-shirts, music CDs, videos, and other online store merchandise also make for wonderful gifts. Place your Holiday orders today on our secure, online store; you can phone in orders at 949-492-8170. We cannot guarantee on-time Xmas
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*** Two Positions Available at Surfrider Foundation: Development Director and Network/Systems Administrator

The Surfrider Foundation National Office, located in San Clemente in Southern California, currently has two job openings, a full-time Development Director position and a part-time Network/Systems Administrator position. Find out more information and how to apply at our Development Director position and Network/Systems Administrator position web pages. The Surfrider Foundation is an equal opportunity employer. http://www.surfrider.org/development_dir.htm http://www.surfrider.org/jobs/IT.htm

*** Coastal Factoid of the Month

Precautionary Principle for Ocean Governance

"Consider the most sensible path ahead for ocean governance, and a new principle readily suggests itself. The precautionary ideal embraces a more integrative and conservationist perspective -- something wiser than traditionally divisive boundaries like a three- or twelve-mile jurisdictional limit. Not surprisingly, then, this new thinking is increasingly cited in international accords, since it is an attractive means to improve marine policy. At its heart, the principle is based on the conviction that it is no longer valid to assume that the sea has a vast capacity to absorb a variety of harms." - excerpt from the book, Listening to the Sea, by Robert Jay Wilder, University of Pittsburgh Press, 1998, pg. 143.

See Surfrider Foundation's current Coastal Factoid, usually updated 5 days per week, at http://beach.com/surfrider/cfactoid.asp


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