Environmental Press # 342

Subj: Thanksgiving: Peace, of a sort, in Iraq
Date: 11/27/2003 5:31:39 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: Doug Korthof <doug@seal-beach.org>
To: voiceforveterans@aol.com (via list)


It is truly Thanksgiving for USA troops. As noted, there has been a sea-change in USA policy. The fact that Bush went to Iraq on Thankgiving means the shooting war is mostly over. Bush makes the blunders, the poor do the bleeding.

Apparently, there is an agreement of some sort that seems to be holding, stopping the "insurgents" from killing our troops. The last (non-fatal) incident was on the 24th.

Perhaps Bush has agreed to a date for turnover, or to stop hunting Saddam; whatever the secret deal is, THANKS for no more deaths of our exposed troops, victims of a flawed policy.

Let's hope this deal holds, and we get OUT of Iraq in accordance. The chimera of oil wealth is not worth one USA trooper. After all, as you know, we can live oil-free, if we wanted to, by driving clean Electric Vehicles powered by solar rooftop systems.


We don't need their stinkin' oil. Maybe Bush and Halliburton do, but let them pay the cost.


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