Environmental Press # 341

Subj: Mariani v. Bush, et al. Amended "RICO ACT" Complaint
Date: 11/26/2003 8:11:25 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: VERPAPhila

Dear Walt, Rusty, Beth, Dave, Linda, Keith, John:

Hello everyone!

About a month ago I was asked to come on board and assist with researching and drafting a "RICO Act" complaint against Mr. Bush and his cabinet members due to my work on behalf of veterans and families. As you know, my life's work when I formed "VERPA" was to do my part to see the Feres Doctrine abolished.

After meeting with Ellen Mariani, and listening to how she has been treated by Defendant Feinberg and his soon to be proven attempts to divert attention from Defendant Bush et al, and the fact that on "911" our nation was attacked and these attacks could have been prevented, led me to do what I could to get the truth out about that infamous day.

Today, Attorney Phil Berg and I held a press conference in front of Independence Hall in Philly with Fox News. Although, a late start before the Thanksgiving holiday,


already we are receiving inquires from around the nation and world about today's filing of the amended complaint.

Therefore, being my closest friends in the pursue to clean up our corrupted
government with regard to abuses of America's military and veterans, I thought I send this on to you all for your review.

Please disseminated far and wide.

By the way, the Feres challenge is going well and we have inquired to the United Nation's Human Rights Commission and World Criminal Court for an advisory opinion whether the Feres Doctrine violates international law as we know it does. So, our Members of Congress and Mr. Bush are on final notice that America's veterans and loved ones will no longer stand for the abuses dating back to the Atomic Vets.

I will keep you all posted.

Best wishes,

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