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Subj: [Fwd: October 2003 issue of Surfrider Foundation eNews USA]
Date: 11/2/2003 3:49:48 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: Gary Sahagen <gsahagen@sensonetics.com>

Subj: October 2003 issue of Surfrider Foundation eNews USA
Date: 11/1/2003 11:53:08 AM Eastern Standard Time
From: "Surfrider Foundation" <enews@surfrider.org>
To: "Gary Sahagen" <gsahagen@sensonetics.com>

Dear Gary Sahagen,

Welcome to the October 2003 issue of the Surfrider Foundation eNews USA, an email newsletter from the Surfrider Foundation, a non-profit, coastal environmental organization at http://surfrider.org. The Surfrider Foundation National Office, with Chris Evans as Executive Director, produces the eNews. Mark Babski, mbabski@surfrider.org, is the editor. For more news, see Surfrider Foundation's Coastal News web page at http://www.beach.com/surfrider/currents.asp. To unsubscribe, see the bottom of this email.

*** $10,000 in Surfrider's THOMAS PRATTE MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP Funds


As a demonstration of the Surfrider Foundation's continuing commitment to education, its Board of Directors has extended the guidelines and scope of the Surfrider Foundation's Thomas Pratte Memorial Scholarship program and allocated $10,000 in funds to be made available to grantees enrolled in an accredited college or university in the U.S. or Puerto Rico for the academic year of 2004-2005. Awards may be made at the undergraduate, Masters and Ph.D. levels, and are now available to qualified applicants pursuing studies in a wide range of fields deemed compatible and consistent with the Surfrider Foundation's Mission Statement and Guiding Principles. "Tom Pratte was a co-founder of the Surfrider Foundation and surfing's first full-time environmental advocate," said Kira Stillwell, Chapter activist and Chair of the Program Committee of the Board of Directors. "He dedicated his life to the study and preservation of waves and beaches. It is a reflection of the growth and health of our Foundation, and our unwavering commitment to supporting our membership, that we
are now expanding our level of assistance to those who are following in the path that Tom has blazed." More info and Pratte Scholarship application at http://surfrider.org/pratte

*** Surfrider Foundation South Bay (Los Angeles) Chapter Is Active in Local Projects

The South Bay Chapter of the Surfrider Foundation has been very active in local coastal environmental issues. Among the work the chapter has been doing is improving public beach access and assisting with beach water testing for the "Southern California Bight '03" research study. The South Bay Chapter has also partnered with EcoStation in a cool project that will touch thousands of young people in the Los Angeles area. The EcoStation is an educational environmental resource and wildlife rescue center (which accommodates field trips of up to 500 students per day) that has donated facility space to the Surfrider Foundation. The South Bay Chapter will build an educational exhibit that centers on teaching visitors about the watershed process. The Surfrider-produced "Sea to Summit video" and other Surfrider educational material will be used. Find out more about the South Bay Chapter activities on their web site at http://surfrider.org/southbay

*** Court Rules Timber Companies Subject to Clean Water Act

In a victory for clean water, a federal court has recently ruled that timber companies are subject to the stormwater runoff laws of the Clean Water Act. In particular, a federal judge ruled that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) was wrong to allow timber companies to be exempt from stormwater runoff laws. Hopefully, this ruling will not be overturned and timber companies will have to abide by Clean Water Act regulations established more than 30 years ago. As we know, timber companies' clear-cutting of trees causes enormous sediment-laden runoff that chokes streams and rivers; in the coastal zone, this extra sediment can smother near-shore reefs and marine life living on the ocean floor. More info at http://www.enn.com/news/2003-10-17/s_9531.asp

*** Nantucket Oceanfront Homeowners Want Offshore Plastic Breakwater

A group of oceanfront homeowners on Nantucket Island, MA, are pushing for the construction of a plastic offshore barrier to block incoming waves. Specifically, the homeowners, whose homes were stupidly built too close to the dynamic shoreline, want permission to build a breakwater about 100 feet offshore so that the incoming waves are stopped. This is a vain attempt to spare their homes from the inexorable, incoming ocean waters and shifting beach sands. The homeowners' proposal is outrageous, and if carried out, would be at the expense of the stunning natural environment and at the expense of beach lovers and waveriders in the area. More info at http://www.ack.net/IM/current/3372news_storypage.html

*** Comic OCEAN SYMPHONY PSA Released with Hollywood Celebrities

Here's an Oct. 1 press release from the Shifting Baselines campaign: How bad are the oceans these days? Between the death of coral reefs, the collapse of world fisheries, and the appearance now of large "dead zones," the oceans are like a symphony of off-key musicians. Which is what the Shifting Baselines Ocean Media Campaign assembled for their newly released Public Service Announcement (PSA). The spot features Henry Winkler on harp, Madeleine Stowe on violin, Tom Arnold on drums, Josh Lucas on cello, and fifteen other actor non-musicians all led by Jack Black as the conductor. It draws the comparison of lowered standards for the oceans to bad music. The PSA is downloadable at http://www.shiftingbaselines.org and is available in Spanish as well. The Surfrider Foundation is an official partner of the Shifting Baselines campaign.

*** Special Surfrider Foundation/Surfer's Path Membership Offer

Surfer's Path and the Surfrider Foundation have joined together to offer you a special Surfrider Foundation/Surfer's Path Membership package. Sign up now on our secure online form and receive a membership to the Surfrider Foundation, a bonus subscription to Surfer's Path and a free pair of Reef sandals for the low rate of just $70 (only $60 for students and seniors). All Surfrider Foundation members also receive 6 bi-monthly issues of Surfrider Foundation's award-winning print publication, MAKING WAVES, as well as discounts at many retailers. Additional Surfrider Foundation special membership packages are offered with Surfer Magazine, SG (Surfer Girl) Magazine, Surfline, Swell and Longboard Magazine. To sign up with one of these special memberships, see Surfrider Foundation's membership signup web page at

*** Coastal Factoid of the Month

Standing Science On Its Head and Attacking the Clean Water Act

"In the Bush Administration's bizarre world of 'sound science,' wetlands cause pollution and there is no evidence of global warming," commented PEER [Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility] Executive Director Jeff Ruch. PEER is leading a coalition of environmental groups seeking to stop ten projects in the Western Everglades that would destroy more than 2,000 acres of wetlands. "EPA's new position that wetlands pollute stands the Clean Water Act on its head and sends the all-clear signal to developers that no project is out of bounds." - quote found at Environmental News Network web article at http://www.peer.org/press/403.html

See Surfrider Foundation's current Coastal Factoid, usually updated 5 days per week, at http://beach.com/surfrider/cfactoid.asp


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