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Subj: OOG: Fwd: FW: Wastewater plant could receive new technology
Date: 10/29/2003 2:53:52 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: Jon V3
To: Jon V3
Dear OOG:

Forwarded is a link to an interesting article describing a new technology for secondary treatment of sewage called biologic aerated filtration. Maybe OCSD should also be considering this technology. It's 1/4 the cost of activated sludge, apparently.

Jan Vandersloot
Subj: FW: Wastewater plant could receive new technology
Date: 10/29/2003 11:26:55 AM Eastern Standard Time
From: "RLinsky" <rlinsky@nwri-usa.org>
To: "George Tchobanoglous



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Subject: Wastewater plant could receive new technology

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Ron -

I thought this article would be of interest to you and others in the "Blue Ribbon Panel". I'm not familiar with the details of this technology, but I'm sure others on the panel are. Maybe we need to "think outside the box" of trickling filters versus activated sludge. Could you forward this to the rest of the panel?


Rick Wilson

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