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Subj: OOG: Santa Ana River Water Quality Workshop 10-16-03 Lunch Provided
Date: 10/10/2003 12:53:42 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: Jon V3

Dear OOG:

Below is a public notice of a workshop concerning the water quality of the Santa Ana River, which as you know empties into the ocean, and is currently high on the list for causing beach pollution problems. The workshop will be held next Thursday, October 16, and reservations should be called in tomorrow if you can attend. LUNCH IS PROVIDED if you *RSVP to Jill Everhart by October 10th: (714) 378-3301 or jeverhart@ocwd.com.

See notice below.

Jan Vandersloot (949) 548-6326

Orange County Water District’s Santa Ana River Water Quality and Health (SARWQH) Study

Notice of Public Workshop



October 16, 2003

9:00 am Introductions and Overview of the SARWQH Study Michael Wehner, OCWD

9:30 am Hydrogeologic Characterization of the Orange County Forebay and Recharge Facilities Tim Sovich, OCWD

10:00 am Water Quality of Santa Ana River and Orange County Groundwater Basin
Greg Woodside, OCWD

10:30 am Organic Compound Testing of Santa Ana River and Groundwater
Lee Davisson, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

12:00 pm Lunch (provided)*

12:45 pm Chemical and Microbial Quality of Santa Ana River Stormflows
John Izbicki, U.S. Geological Survey

1:30 pm Comprehensive Microbial Testing of Surface and Groundwater
Michael Wehner, OCWD

2:30 pm Scientific Advisory Panel Oversight and Guidance
Harvey Collins, Chairman, National Water Research Institute’s Scientific Advisory Panel

3:30 pm OCWD’s Plans for Continued Long-Term Monitoring
Greg Woodside, OCWD

4:00pm Question & Answer Session and Adjournment

*RSVP to Jill Everhart by October 10th as lunch will be provided: (714) 378-3301 or jeverhart@ocwd.com

The Santa Ana River is the primary source for recharge of the Orange County groundwater basin, which provides over 2 million Orange County residents about 70 percent of their drinking water supply. The use of river flows for replenishment of the groundwater basin is becoming even more important as imported water becomes less available and Orange County grows increasingly dependent on local water supplies. During the summer months, most of the Santa Ana River flows are tertiary treated wastewater discharged from treatment facilities in San Bernardino and Riverside counties, the percentage of which is expected to increase with future population growth in the upper watershed. Because of the high percentage of wastewater in river baseflow, the Santa Ana River Water Quality and Health (SARWQH) Study was initiated by OCWD in 1994 to further evaluate the use of the Santa Ana River to recharge the Orange County groundwater basin. The goal of the SARWQH Study was to characterize the quality of the Santa Ana River water and the quality of the groundwater basin it recharges, as well as to provide information on overall groundwater quality. The multidisciplinary study design included an examination of hydrogeology, microbiology, water chemistry, toxicology and public health. An integral component of the SARWQH Study was independent review of the research design and study findings by the Scientific Advisory Panel, established by the National Water Research Institute to provide expert guidance for the study. The results of this extensive study are helping to confirm that current recharge practices using Santa Ana River water are protective of public health.
Orange County Water District’s
Santa Ana River Water Quality & Health
(SARWQH) Study
Public Workshop
Orange County Water District
P.O. Box 8300
Fountain Valley, CA
Notice of SARWQH Study Public Workshop
Thursday, October 16, 2003
9:00am to 4:00pm
OCWD Board Room
10500 Ellis Avenue
Fountain Valley
RSVP: Required by October 10th - Jill Everhart (714) 378-3301 or jeverhart@ocwd.com

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