Environmental Press # 331

Subj: Arnold's Republican Zombies
Date: 10/9/2003 10:37:18 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: Doug Korthof <doug@seal-beach.org>
To: voiceforveterans@aol.com (via list)


Apparently, Arnold can bring the politically dead back to life. Look at the "Night of the living dead" (my free speech opinion and qualified comments in parens).

And here you thought we got rid of the slimy undead ideas--they, who walked the political wilderness mumbling incantations that were long rejected by all: "offshore drilling...kill welfare...get rid of illegals...cut services to the indigent...down with
unions...". These weird chants will now echo in the HALLS OF POWER instead of the Right Wing Funny Farm, where they belong.

The original sin here was Davis' hogging the nomination for Governor, and the Dem's lack of leadership. If a reasonable, non-corrupt Dem had been able to run for Governor, we would not have to listen to these forgotten mantras of insanity.

Davis has been horrible since he was reputed to start selling Coastal Permits back when Ballona was "moved" outside the Coastal Zone (and the jurisdiction of the Coastal Act). Lots of sleaze, Davis was no better than a Republican.


Here is how you tell who the other side really is. Shorn of illusion, and maybe secret sabotage tasks, they come out of the shadows ... but can they stand the sun?

Director of Independent Audit Donna Arduin ... Director of the State of Florida's Office of Policy and Budget...maintains $2.7 billion in reserves. (What do you want to bet she comes up with "sell offshore drilling licenses", "cut services to the poor", and "sell prison labor"? and, of course, "sell off surplus state lands"). (OMG, they DARE to put someone from FLA in charge!!)

Jim Richardson...Director of ... Transition...chief of staff to Senate Republican Leader Jim Brulte..." (So Brulte is taking over the Governor's office. Isn't he the one who pandered to some special interests lately?)

Rob Stutzman...Communications Director...has...served as communications director for the California Department of Justice.

US Rep. David Dreier, House Ways and Means: running the transition. Dean Andal, Stockton: past Pete Wilson appointee. R.E., Banking. Eloise Anderson, Claremont Inst.: Tommy Thompson, welfare "reform". Annelise Anderson, Hoover Inst. (neo-con think tank, Wilson's gal). Bill Baker, Contra Costa ex-pol. Eli Broad, KB homes, lots of other reasons why L.A. is like it is. Tammy Bruce, (KFI-AM attack radio pundit), "feminist". James Brulte, (taking over power previously denied by voters) Carol Chandler, Central Valley farmer and teacher. Mike Carona, OC Sheriff, expert on "homeland security", not German. Rick J. Caruso L.A. Police Commish, R.E. magnate, Pepperdine. Rabbi Abraham Cooper, Wiesenthal Center, (Arnie's alibi?) Jon Coupal, Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Assn. Dave Cox, Sacramento: Repub leader of Assy. David Crane, Babcock & Brown, LLP int. money, Env. Defense. Viet Dinh, Georgetown Professor Charles P. Diamond O'Melveny & Myers (law for big developers) Susan Estrich, worked on Mondale and Dukakis losing campaigns. Carly Fiorina, HP, a good corporate citizen Matt Fong (cancel the seance!) Bonnie Garcia, San Diego (where all bad things originate) Bob Grady, Carlyle Group (Repub venture fund) OMB for Bush I Jim Hahn, Mayor of Lost Angeles: little more need be said. Peter Hannaford, Ronald Reagan appointee (propagandist) John M. Hein: CTA, NEA, VP Hump's staff (Arnie offer??) Warren Hellman: Hellman & Friedman, Nasdaq Stock Market Bob Hertzberg: former Speaker (sometimes called "mr ineffectual") Bonnie Hill: marketing, ex Times, "Consumer Aff." for Bush I Bill Jones: Fresno: former Secretary of State Frank M. Jordan ex-Mayor of SF, former Chief of Police George Keiffer, ESQ, Manatt partner (Scott Baugh works there) Jessie Knight, S.D. Chamber, ex-Dole Foods (SD likes sewage waiver) John W. Koeberer "manages recreation..." for public agencies. (this could be the future: sell off management of the Parks!) Robin Kramer: Riordan's Chief of Staff Sean Liou: President of Always Best Tours and Travel Assym. Abel Maldonado, Santa Maria: Agro-Jal Farms Jillian W. Manus literary agent, assoc. with Warner Bros. Jeannine Martineau, Cal. School Bds. Assoc. Assym. Kevin McCarthy, Kern. Assoc. with Bill Thomas. (i.e., very conservative) Tom McEnery ex-Mayor of San Jose, NHL San Jose Sharks, Cinequest Rebecca Morgan ex-state sen. until 1993. Stanford Univ. Thomas A. Nassif CEO Western Growers Assn. James Nielsen, founded company using rice straw to generate power. Carlos Olamendi, Bush appointee to committee on the arts Beverly O'Neill, Mayor of L.B., a wreck from over-re-development rips. Gerald L. Parsky Chairman Aurora Capital Group in Los Angeles Bill Pauli president Cal. Farm Bureau Sally Pipes, Pacific Research Inst. (+ other right-wing whacko grps.) Cassandra W. Pye California Chamber of Commerce Safi Qureshey AST Computers. Michael A. Ramos San Bernardino D.A. Bonnie Reiss, "Inner-City Games Foundation" William Reilly Administrator of U.S. EPA for Bush I. Ivan Reitman, produced "Animal House". Richard Riordan, ex-mayor (made $$ downsizing/outsourcing Mattel) Piedad Robertson Pres. of Santa Monica City College. Background working for Republican Gov. William Weld in Mass. Mario Rodriquez, advertising, vice chair of Cal Repub Party (but NOT a token!) Elizabeth ("Beth") Rogers, farmer, Cablevision, Seneca Network Jeff Sedivec pres. of California State Firefighters Assn (but NOT pandering to special interests) George Shultz: (OMG, is it real, or are they channelling?) William F. Simon: (Don't call him "simple" Simon) Donna Tuttle, Korn Tuttle Capital Group, Inc., worked in US Dept. of Commerce under Reagan and Bush I.
Al Vasquez, Abriendo Puertas en la Comunidad, opening doors E. Myrtle Williams, treasurer of L.A. County Sherriffs Assn. (but not pandering to special interests) Pete Wilson, (OMG, is it real or is it memorex?) Dr. Sophie C. Wong, worked on US Small Bus. Adm. Adv. Council Assym. Charlene Zettel, first female Repub State Assym.
(but not a token or pandering)

THERE YOU HAVE IT, just in time for Halloween!
Very scary, but the worst is yet to come.

Remember Nixon in 1968...maybe this is the wrong branch of reality?


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