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Subj: September 2003 issue of Surfrider Foundation eNews USA
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Surfrider Foundation eNews USA

September 2003 issue

Welcome to the September 2003 issue of Surfrider Foundation eNews USA, an email newsletter from the Surfrider Foundation, a non-profit, coastal environmental organization at http://surfrider.org. The Surfrider Foundation National Office, with Chris Evans as Executive Director, produces the eNews. Mark Babski, mbabski@surfrider.org, is the editor. For more news, see Surfrider Foundation's Coastal News web page. To unsubscribe, see the bottom of this email.


surfing near the mouth of the Malibu Creek

Big Victory for Malibu Creek Watershed

Finally, some good news for beleaguered Malibu Creek which empties into the world famous Malibu surfbreak at the mouth of the Malibu Lagoon. The owner of the 2,800 acre Ahmanson Ranch property, Washington Mutual, has agreed to sell the property to the State of California for preservation, instead of pursuing their development plans to build 3,050 homes and accompanying golf course. The Ahmanson Ranch is situated at the Los Angeles and Ventura County border and is at the head of the Malibu Creek watershed. The purchase hasn't yet been finalized, but is expected to be completed shortly, as all major points have been agreed upon. Protecting this important piece of the Malibu Creek watershed is a big victory for the coastal environment downstream at the Malibu beaches. More info at the Los Angeles Times article, free registration required.


We need better policies to protect our precious ocean environment

Action Alert: Support Strong Policies to Improve Ocean Health

The U.S. Commission on Ocean Policy, created as part of the Oceans Act of 2000, has been undertaking an 18-month study and will shortly make recommendations to the President and Congress for a national ocean policy. Please take action on our special Action Alert web page to help support strong U.S. Commission on Ocean Policy recommendations that protect, preserve and restore our special ocean and coastal places. Surfrider Foundation members put in many hours supporting and contributing testimony to this historic U.S. Commission on Ocean Policy. We reported this action alert in last month's eNews, but given its importance, we're repeating it again in this month's eNews as well. More info.


U.S. EPA Refuses to Regulate Ship Ballast Water Discharges

The Bush Administration has announced that the Environmental Protection Agency will not regulate ship ballast water discharges, despite irrefutable evidence that ballast water is seriously polluting our coastal waters and introducing great numbers of destructive invasive species. Stopping ships from dumping ballast water in harbors and coastal waters is an issue that the Surfrider Foundation has been working diligently on, and will continue to do so, especially in light of this bad decision by the Bush Administration. More info.


Marco Gonzalez and Jamie Miller of the San Diego Chapter next to a
longboard signed by members of Pearl Jam for this special occasion

Surfrider Foundation's East and West Coast "Paddle for Clean Water" a Big Success

This past September 14, the Surfrider Foundation conducted a simultaneous East and West Coast "Paddle for Clean Water" to raise coastal environmental awareness. The fun, family event was a huge success, as over 650 people took part in the festivities which started at 8 am on the East Coast and 11 am on the West Coast. Local politicians and press were also on hand to help spread the message that we need to do much more to protect our beloved and fragile coastal environment. The East Coast paddle out took place at Marjory Stoneman Douglas Beach Park at South Beach in Miami Beach while the West Coast paddle out was at Ocean Beach in San Diego. Congratulations to Surfrider Foundation's San Diego Chapter (which was conducting it's 12th annual Clean Water Paddle) and South Florida Chapter on hosting such a wonderful event.


Texas homes shouldn't be on the public beach

Surfrider Foundation Joins State of Texas In Defense of Texas Open Beaches Act

The Surfrider Foundation and Environmental Defense have received the court's permission to join the state of Texas in court in defense of the Texas Open Beaches Act. Beachfront homeowners in Surfside, Texas, whose homes were built much too close to the surf in a part of the coastline that is steadily retreating inland, are in effect arguing that the homeowners' rights to live on the beach below the vegetation line are more important than the public's right (established by the Texas Open Beaches Act) to have access to and use the beach. It's a classic case of selfish beachfront homeowners trying to steal a public beach. The case is expected to go to court in February 2004. More info.


Special Surfrider Foundation/Swell Membership Offer

The Surfrider Foundation has teamed up with Swell for a special membership offer. Sign up now as a Surfrider Foundation member (or renew and extend your current Surfrider Foundation membership) and receive a free co-branded Surfrider Foundation/Swell t-shirt as well. All Surfrider Foundation members also receive 6 bi-monthly issues of Surfrider Foundation's award-winning print publication, MAKING WAVES, as well as discounts at many retailers. In addition, Surfrider Foundation also has special, joint membership offers with Surfer Magazine, SG (Surfer Girl) Magazine, Surfline, and Longboard Magazine. To signup (and to get more info), see Surfrider Foundation's membership signup web page.


the White House is behind these terrible
proposals to weaken the Clean Water Act

Coastal Factoid of the Month

Proposed Clean Water Act Changes Would Be Completely Outrageous

"It's just completely outrageous," said Theresa Pierno, vice president of environmental protection and restoration for the Chesapeake Bay Foundation. "When we look at the Bush administration, this has to be considered one of the most significant blows to damaging water quality and really setting back environmental laws. This would have an enormous impact that I think we can't ignore." - excerpt about EPA and Army Corps of Engineers proposal to stop applying Clean Water Act protections to most intrastate, nonnavigable wetlands, rivers, and streams.

See Surfrider Foundation's current Coastal Factoid, usually updated 5 days per week.



Ponta Jardim on the island of Madeira, one of the Atlantic Ocean's best big wave breaks, is under threat by imminent development with accompanying seawall. You can help.

Strands beach in Dana Point, California is also under threat from development and seawall. Attend the California Coastal Commission meeting on Oct. 9th in Coronado to help save the beach.

Make a real difference for your local beaches and volunteer your time at one of Surfrider Foundation's 60 Chapters located along the U.S. coast. See the Surfrider Foundation Chapters page for Chapter contact and meeting info.

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