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Subj: OOG: Public Workshop Meetings, SARI, OC Brine Line 9-25-03, 11-17-03
Date: 9/18/2003 1:49:05 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From: Jon V3
To: Jon V3
Dear OOG:

Below is a notice of public meetings concerning the Orange County Brine Line Feasibility Study, and an explanation of the project. Many OOG members have been concerned with the SARI (Santa Ana Regional Interceptor) line in the past and this project involves the SARI line. It would be advantageous for all who are interested in SARI and the potential of having this stuff (salt plus toxics) be exported directly into the ocean to attend these meetings and keep up to speed on the issue. I also suggest you contact Sharon Kreul at: skreul@sawpa.org to be on the mailing list for all public notices concerning this project.

Jan Vandersloot (949) 548-6326

Subject: Orange County Brine Line Feasibility Study - Notice of Public Workshops

Please find below the Notice of Public Workshops for the Orange County Brine Line Feasibility Study to be held September 25, 2003, and November 17, 2003.


Sharon A. Kreul
Administrative Assistant Contracts
Santa Ana Watershed Project Authority
(909) 354-4247 (Direct)
(909) 785-7076 (Fax)


Orange County Brine Line Feasibility Study
Notice of Public Workshops

The Santa Ana Watershed Project Authority (SAWPA), a joint powers authority comprised of five water/wastewater agencies in Orange, Riverside, and San Bernardino Counties, is initiating a feasibility study to evaluate the merits of expanding the existing Orange County Brine Line. The existing brine line transports salt from water, waste-water and industrial facilities for discharge. The expanded Brine Line will connect to an existing ocean outfall and brine line to discharge the concentrated salts several miles offshore. These brine lines meet all applicable water quality requirements.

Two workshops will be conducted to identify issues that must be considered, the order of magnitude costs and an implementation plan that includes the California Environmental Quality Act public disclosure process and SAWPA decision-making processes for implementation or non-implementation of this project.

The purpose of the workshops is to receive input and comments from all interested stakeholders (i.e., regulatory agencies, environmental and citizen groups, and those from coastal communities) on the discussion topics. The facilitated workshops will be conducted during a meeting of SAWPA's Technical Committee of General Managers in a study session format.

Information will be available in advance of the meeting for individuals/agencies providing email addresses (preferred), or other contact information to SAWPA staff contact: Rich Haller, (909) 354-4240, rhaller@sawpa.org

Workshop 1: Thursday, September 25, 2003 9:30 AM - 11:30 AM Downtown Anaheim Community Center 250 East Center Street, Performing Arts Room, Anaheim, 92805
(adjacent to Anaheim City Hall) Topics - Review Outfall Options, Regulatory/Institutional Issues

Workshop 2: Monday, November 17, 2003 9:30 AM- 11:30 AM SAWPA (11615 Sterling Avenue, Riverside, CA 92503) Topics - Pretreatment of Upper SARI Discharges, Pipeline Alignment/Sizing, Cost Model, and Implementation Strategy/Plan

11615 Sterling Avenue, Riverside, CA 92503
(909) 357-4220 Fax (909) 785-7076

Downtown Anaheim - Community Center
250 East Center Street - Performing Arts Room
Anaheim, 92805

The Study is the preliminary evaluation of the feasibility for segregating brine flows from domestic wastewater, for discharge to an ocean outfall. The concept considers installation of a new "brine-only" pipeline through Orange County. Treatment of waters prior to discharge into the brine line or rerouting certain non-brine discharges to traditional domestic wastewater treatment plants in the Upper Santa Ana River area would also be required. The Study is intended to evaluate the benefits of a brine-only pipeline in all three counties such as, reuse of a portion of the flow in the Groundwater Replenishment System being constructed by OCWD and OCSD, making available additional Orange County pipeline and treatment plant capacities and reducing disposal costs for brine-only discharges which meet ocean discharge water quality requirements.

The Santa Ana Regional Interceptor (SARI) in its current configuration of over 90 miles of pipeline, transports "brine" and wastewater from Orange, Riverside, and San Bernardino Counties to Orange County Sanitation District's (OCSD's) Regional Treatment Plant No. 1, or No. 2. Initial segments of the SARI were constructed in 1975, with the most recent segment (Reach V) completed in 2002.

The SARI is an important regional water quality asset because it prevents water containing salts (also termed "brine") from being discharged into the Santa Ana River, which would then percolate into Orange County's groundwater basin. The "brine" contained in the SARI, which is significantly less salty than ocean water, comes mostly from desalter plants operated to remove salt from existing groundwater, making the treated water available for use. One example is the Arlington Desalter which removes salt from water extracted from the Arlington Groundwater Basin and delivers the treated water to Orange County Water District (OCWD) for percolation into Orange County's groundwater basin. In order to reduce the watershed's reliance on imported State Project and Colorado River water, to remove salts from the groundwater basins, and to ultimately achieve a "salt balance" in the watershed, a number of additional desalters are under construction, or planned for the near future. For further background information on the existing SARI, see the SARI Planning Study posted to SAWPA's website at www.sawpa.org/iwp

For more information on SAWPA and its five members agencies, see SAWPA's website at www.sawpa.org SAWPA staff contact: Rich Haller, (909) 354-4240, rhaller@sawpa.org

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